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Honeycomb disc

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A honeycomb disc perc refers to a specialized perc diffusion filter that contains numerous tiny holes bored perpendicular through a flat cylindrical glass disc, resembling an actual honeycomb in both appearance and functional airflow. Unlike tree percs or other styles that get welded onto the interior walls of a piece, honeycomb percs feature removable discs that sit loosely inside a glass chamber. When smoke gets pulled through a honeycomb disc perc, it percolates through the numerous tiny openings, generating a satisfying fizz of rising bubbles. Generally, more diffusing holes bored into the honeycomb result in enhanced smoke conditioning and cooling effects. For even smoother hits, inverted honeycomb discs can be suspended along the downstem path to boost airflow and increase diffusion before smoke enters the main chamber. While honeycomb percs can be slightly tricky to fully clean compared to open tube designs, their intricate glasswork provides exceptionally smooth, cool hits that justify the minor added maintenance.

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