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Ice catcher

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

An ice catcher refers to a built-in bulge or notches within a water pipe, either a bong or dab rig, designed to hold ice cubes and chill smoke prior to inhalation. As the ice gradually melts during the smoking session, the resulting cold water cools the smoke or vapor stream being pulled through the device to make for a smoother, more soothing experience. Ice catchers allow users to easily customize the desired degree of smoke chilling effects from any given hit. Besides cooling, adding ice also condenses the smoke or vapor stream to create thicker, denser, higher volume hits overall. The chilled airstream moving across irritated throat and lung tissues notably reduces coughing, allowing consumers to comfortably inhale significantly larger hit volumes without discomfort when smoking or dabbing. For both water pipes and concentrate rigs, the addition of an ice catcher helps optimize and enhance the smoking experience compared to unmodified pieces when used properly. However, ice can cause splashing, so beginners may want to skip it entirely until they master proper handling and smoking technique.

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