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Jelly hash

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Jelly hash is an innovative style of cannabis concentrate that artfully combines the best aspects of bubble hash and cannabis oil for a harmoniously blended, smooth and spreadable final product. Bubble hash serves as the base, providing exceptional flavor and potency from the concentrated trichome powder created through meticulous ice water filtering. Syrupy cannabis oil is then carefully incorporated to impart enhanced viscosity and a stabilized jelly-like consistency. The ratio of oil to dry hash can be customized to make jelly hash more or less viscous. More liquid oil results in a creamier, stabilized emulsion while more dry hash produces a denser, sliceable final product. No matter the exact balance, jelly hash brings together the virtues of multiple concentrate types for maximum medicinal and recreational utility. With potency sourced from two complementary components, jelly hash delivers energetic, nuanced highs. This fusion epitomizes the boundless innovation constantly unfolding across cannabis concentrate production.

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