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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Kind bud refers informally to exceptionally high quality cannabis flower worthy and deserving of the name top shelf. This term first emerged coming from the Hawaiian Pidgin slang word kine meaning excellent, superior or high-grade. So in context, uttering the phrase kind bud indicates you are describing a true exemplary cannabis specimen of the highest order in all aspects.

Among growers, kind bud rightfully earned its sterling reputation through attentive organic cultivation, careful hand-trimming, judicious flushing, meticulous slow curing methods and proper long-term storage. However, a beautiful manicured appearance alone does not automatically equate to outstanding cannabis. A complex and robust terpene flavor and aroma profile only unlocked through patient curing reveals the underlying mark of genuine quality and excellence. Seasoned cannabis connoisseurs can easily discern when that extra level of care and attention has been invested by the artisan grower without even needing to sample the effects, simply from closely examining the flower's mature appearance, properly cured feel and notably pungent smell.

In commercial terms, kind bud denotes the absolute pinnacle of cannabis quality and occupies the so-called top shelf tier in legal dispensaries when available. But long before the very first licensed cannabis retailers, the evocative term kind bud already meant something special, denoting the uppermost echelon of black market weed excellence. So for passionate growers since the 1960s, achieving kind bud status has remained the ultimate achievement and labor of love.

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