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Light deprivation

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Light deprivation is an advanced greenhouse cultivation technique that sought to extend outdoor growing seasons by artificially limiting light exposure through blackout curtains to induce earlier flowering cycles in photoperiod cannabis plants. Strategically blocking out all light during specific dark hours of the day mimics the shorter photoperiods of seasonal change which naturally prompt plants to begin budding in late summer as days grow shorter. By carefully timing periods of light deprivation to simulate this transition, cultivators can effectively stagger light cycles to trick plants, driving earlier transitions into flowering growth. This makes it possible to strategically stagger multiple harvests for the same cultivars during a single extended growing season. Along with automated greenhouse systems, light deprivation greenhouses give perspicacious growers increased environmental control over outcomes. It empowers them to unlock additional planting and harvest windows that may maximize success, yields and overall profits compared to fixed outdoor seasons.

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