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Live rosin

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Live rosin is a terpene-rich cannabis concentrate made from fresh frozen flowers or trim to maximize flavor and potency. Unlike butane hash oil (BHO) and many other extracts, live rosin relies on applying pressure in lieu of any harsh chemical solvents during the extraction process to achieve full spectrum cannabis oil while retaining the most delicate aromatic compounds found in fresh live plants

. Fresh flowers or trim material ideally gets harvested and immediately flash-frozen whole to below -40 degrees Fahrenheit before significant drying or curing can begin. Meticulously preserving fresh frozen cannabis in this fashion prior to further processing helps lock trichome resin glands in a pristine, unadulterated state making them ripe for the ensuing careful separation into a concentrated final product. The live material then gets mechanically sifted/washed or frozen through mesh screens to achieve further purification prior to the key step of pressing the frozen resin glands under extreme pressure, forcing out oils and terpene-rich essentials without applying high heat in the process, avoiding decarboxylation.

Among discerning concentrate connoisseurs, live rosin earns exalted praise as perhaps the purest and most flavorful expression of cannabis possible in concentrate form. By locking in and showcasing extraordinarily high levels of terpenes true to each strain's fresh flower, live rosin brings you remarkably close to the experience of smoking the living plant itself. The exceptional quality and rarity of top shelf live rosin justifies premium pricing tiers in legal markets.

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