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Low-temp dab

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Low-temperature dabbing refers to vaporizing cannabis extracts and concentrates at relatively lower temperatures ranging between 300°F and 450°F compared to traditional high-heat dabbing which often exceeds 500°F or beyond. Using lower heat for dabbing preserves terpenes and flavonoids far more optimally than higher temperatures which can easily degrade these delicate aroma molecules. By barely heating extracts past the point of vaporization, low-temp rigs retain the broad aromatic complexities and subtleties of cultivar-specific strains used for extraction. More volatile terpenes which impart sweetness or citrusy flavors volatize below the aggressive heat that sacrifices flavor in pursuit of maximally potent highs. Dialing in exact temperatures also provides freedom to meticulously customize experiences catering to personal preferences. Prefer uncompromising flavor diversity or straight rocket fuel potency? With precise temperature control, the choice is yours. While outcomes vary by extracts and equipment, low-temp rigs suit concentrate fans wanting pronounced terpene integrity from start to finish when savoring unique strains.

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