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Medical marijuana

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Medical marijuana refers to cannabis and cannabis-derived products recommended by physicians and used to treat various symptoms and medical conditions. Access requires approved patient status and a doctor's authorization in states where cannabis is legally available for medical use. Specific qualifying medical conditions that permit cardholders to purchase medical marijuana vary considerably between different state jurisdictions. Dispensaries offer specialized products formulated to target different symptoms and deliver relief based on cannabinoid contents, ratios and delivery methods. Meanwhile, researchers continue investigating applications of medical marijuana to help patients suffering from a wide spectrum of disorders including chronic pain, neurological conditions, eating disorders, seizures, mental health conditions and more. Access battles continue in states maintaining prohibition, with advocates arguing marijuana access is a compassionate human right versus outdated moral objections. In legal states, thoughtful regulations attempt balancing easy patient access with safety precautions and controls on abuse. Opinions remain sharply contested surrounding what constitutes responsible versus problematically dangerous cannabis use, as well as the validity of different conditions for obtaining medical marijuana cards. Nonetheless, the tremendous volume of compelling anecdotal evidence shared by patients continues driving the public momentum for medical marijuana reform.

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