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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Mid-grade or mids refers to low-to-average quality commercial cannabis that lacks any truly distinguishing characteristics beyond merely getting the user high. While they may seem underwhelming for seasoned cannabis connoisseurs seeking premium flavor and experiences, mid-grade buds serve a purpose in the market by offering budget bulk options for more casual consumers. Not every cannabis users prioritizes or can afford top shelf, so mids fill the gap. Mids provide passable potency and a generic high at the lowest price point for consumers who just want to catch an economical buzz. For those discovering cannabis for the first time, mid-grade flower allows sampling basic effects at an approachable cost before exploring pricier products. Occasionally, mids can deliver pleasant surprises like hidden gems if the plants are grown and cured with extra care and attention. Yet for the most discerning enthusiasts seeking unique terpene profiles and craft quality, mid-grade flower rarely measures up to the transcendent experiences offered by expertly cultivated top shelf strains.

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