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Moisture content

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Moisture content refers to the percentage of water weight present in cannabis flower buds after the curing process completes post-harvest. Properly drying and curing flower to reach an ideal moisture content between 10-15% helps prevent microbial mold growth during storage while locking in marijuana's aromas, flavors and effects. Excess moisture above 15% risks promoting fungal or bacterial overgrowth in stored flower that causes safety issues and degrades quality over time. Overly dry flower below 10% tends to crumble into dust and loses terpenes, reducing aroma and flavor. While lab testing results vary slightly, most experts agree finished cured buds should maintain moisture levels around 10-15% to balance preservation and safety. At this ideal moisture content, buds feel sticky but not wet or spongy, and burn smoothly when smoked. Ensuring optimal moisture content through careful curing provides connoisseurs with maximum enjoyment of cannabis flower's nuanced qualities.

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