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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A nug is a small, compact individual bud of dried and cured cannabis flower ready for smoking, vaporization, or extraction. The overall size, shape, density, and visual appearance of any given nug is determined by a combination of the strain's genetics as well as the specific growing conditions and techniques used during cultivation.

Individual dried nug sizes typically range anywhere from as small as the tip of a pencil eraser up to a few inches long in length. The largest, most developed nugs called colas form closest to the apical tip at the very top of the plant's main stem and major branches. Further down are smaller, less developed popcorn nugs that have inherently lesser bag appeal, value, and potency.

The cannabis vernacular term “nug” comes from “nugget,” possibly in reference to California gold prospectors discovering shiny golden nuggets during the historic Gold Rush. Like precious gold nuggets, cured cannabis flower nugs can range tremendously in terms of cultivation quality, potency, and ultimate smoking experience, but all high quality specimens hold coveted value ready to be unlocked and enjoyed.

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