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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A pipe is a small, compact smoking device used to conveniently consume loose dry cannabis flower through combustion and inhalation. Thanks to their utter simplicity and ease of use, pipes represent one of the most common methods for smoking marijuana. They require minimal components, consisting only of a bowl to hold freshly ground bud for lighting, a horizontal chamber which fills with smoke, a vertical mouthpiece and stem through which you draw in smoke, and finally an optional carburetor hole (aka carb) which can be covered by a finger to control airflow and chamber clearing. Pipes come fabricated from an array of materials, most popularly glass, metal, wood, silicone, stone or ceramic. To use a pipe, break up or grind your cannabis buds into small pieces, gently pack the bowl without overfilling, then simply light the flower and inhale while optionally intermittently covering and uncovering the carb to intake and clear the chamber. Remember to always leave some unlit green in the bowl for the next person when sharing a pipe in social settings.

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