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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Pre-run refers to the raw cannabis plant material that will be used to produce solvent-extracted cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, or live resin. The qualities of the starting plant matter greatly influence the flavor, potency, and texture of the final oil. “Nug run” describes concentrates extracted using whole buds, which contain the highest number of capitate stalked trichomes. “Trim run” refers to extract made from discarded trim, leaves, and stems after harvest. While cheaper, trim run tends to have more impurities and less terpenes compared to nug run since fewer trichomes are present.

Pre-run also includes “live material” that is flash frozen right after harvest to preserve terpenes. In general, better pre-run produces better concentrates. Discerning concentrate consumers should ask their extract producer what plant material is used. Top shelf extracts will start with high quality buds as the pre-run rather than leaves, stems or shake.

Hand-selected, lab-tested nug runs will provide extracts with the fullest flavor and potency profile. When purchasing pre-packaged concentrates, it can be difficult to know the pre-run source. This makes trustworthy brands and knowledgeable budtenders essential for avoiding sub-par trim run products. Educated concentrate lovers can seek out terpene-rich nug run extracts for the complete flavored experience instead of harsher, less flavorful trim runs. Overall, premium cannabis makes premium concentrates, so extracts made from top shelf flowers will always be superior.

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