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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Prerolls are pre-rolled joints sold in regulated dispensaries to offer convenience and portability for cannabis consumers. They provide consumers with finished, ready-to-light joints without requiring time and dexterity to hand roll or access to rolling papers and flower. Prerolls are rolled en masse in production facilities using either machines or hand rollers.

To keep costs down, prerolls frequently use lower nuggets, trim and shake instead of top cola buds. However, most dispensaries offer premium preroll selections rolled with high quality in-house flower for discerning consumers. Prerolls allow quick, discreet, and consistent dosing of cannabis when out and about. They provide the social experience of smoking a joint without any effort.

Those new to the convenience should still be mindful of unevenly packed prerolls that lead to poor cherry burn and require relighting constantly. When shopping, inspect density and ask budtenders to avoid this issue. Some paper types also run faster than others. Overall, quality prerolls rival hand rolls for potency and burn with the added ease of essentially being prepackaged joints.

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