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Resin hit

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A resin hit involves smoking the sticky, tar-like black resin leftover in pipes and bongs from previous cannabis smoking sessions. Resin gradually accumulates as a byproduct from vaporized oil in the plant material that condenses again on glass surfaces after cooling. When completely out of fresh weed, some desperate smokers will collect and smoke resin hits in order to get high. However, resin tastes harsh, feels rough on the throat, and provides substantially weaker psychoactive effects compared to quality cannabis flower. Prolonged resin buildup also ruins flavor when smoking flower. For collection, resin can be dissolved and extracted using isopropyl alcohol as a solvent. However, resin should ideally be regularly cleaned out of pipes and bongs using salt and alcohol instead of being smoked. With quality flower more accessible than ever, most cannabis consumers view resin hits as a last resort method to avoid rather than standard practice.

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