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Solar hit

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A solar hit refers to an eco-friendly cannabis consumption technique that involves using focused sunlight magnified through a lens to indirectly heat up dry flower loaded in a pipe bowl rather than igniting it directly with a lighter or match. The concentrated solar energy entering the bowl essentially acts like a heating element, steadily raising the temperature high enough to vaporize key cannabis compounds without actually burning the material via full combustion. This method provides a notably cooler, smoother inhalation experience of terpene-rich vapors compared to harsher traditional smoking methods using direct flame. It entirely eliminates the need for lighters containing environmentally unfriendly butane while also maximizing preservation and enjoyment of aromatic terpenes that would otherwise combust or evaporate around smoking temperatures. However, successfully performing solar hits does require optimal sunny weather, proper angle of reflection, and very careful aiming to get the sun's rays concentrated directly into the bowl. But when executed properly, solar hits represent a clean, eco-conscious, and lung-friendly consumption option that retains the full spectrum of hemp's natural flavor for connoisseurs.

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