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Splash guard

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Splash guards refer to specialty accessories and designed banger features created specifically to prevent wastage of costly cannabis extracts that can occur when dabbing using traditional bucket banger nails. With normal bangers, a portion of extract often falls down the angled inner walls or drips into the rig joint while inhaling. Splash guard banger upgrades solve this problem through thoughtful shape innovations. Hourglass shaped bangers eliminate empty space present around the flat dabbing surface of old school bucket designs. This contained well fully holds the dose. Quartz banger inserts fit any banger to provide a small, enclosed platform where your concentrate stays centered. Both hourglass splash guard bangers and quartz inserts effectively prevent leftover extract from escaping down the sides of traditional bangers. Besides conserving precious concentrates, splash guards keep rig interiors cleaner by isolating residue only where you dab. For high volume dab enthusiasts or extract artists, splash guards optimize the smoking experience by allowing full vaporization of every dab while also maximizing value from costly extracts.

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