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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A spliff refers to a joint or marijuana cigarette rolled using a combination of ground cannabis flower and loose tobacco. Adding tobacco enables easier rolling by infusing more structure, helps the joint burn slower and more evenly, and can mask the pungent smell of marijuana smoke in public settings. The added nicotine can also alter the balance and intensity of the high's effects. Spliffs originated in Jamaica but grew popular across Europe as a portable, relatively discreet method of consuming cannabis socially in areas where legal risks once necessitated discretion. However, mixing tobacco into joints remains far less common in the United States where marijuana joints typically exclude any tobacco. For consumers who mix their cannabis with a little tobacco, spliffs' portability, efficiency, and slower burn make them a practical preparation to smoke in nature or while walking around cities. However, critics argue any amount of added tobacco only enhances addiction risks and exposes users to increased chances of developing smoking-related cancers and other long-term health consequences compared to smoking pure marijuana joints alone.

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