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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Stoned refers to an intense state and feeling of deep mental and physical relaxation, peacefulness, sedation, sensory alterations and zoning out induced by consuming cannabis containing appreciable levels of THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids. The specific slang word stoned emerged and seeped into the English lexicon starting in the mid-20th century through the 1960s and 70s within underground cannabis culture and eventually the counterculture movement at large. The signature subjective effects characterizing this intoxicated stoned experience from THC include, but are not limited to: time dilation, lethargy, increased appetite, uncontrollable fits of euphoric and nonsensical laughter at seemingly mundane stimuli, wandering imagination. paranormal thinking, and a general muting of stress and anxiety.

However, it remains crucial to point out cannabis actually encompasses a hugely diverse array of strains, chemovars and preparations methods providing customized experiences spanning the spectrum from invigorating, energizing, and creative all the way to sedating, relaxing and mundane depending on specific desired outcomes and the unique cannabis formulation's synergistic interactions leveraging the human endocannabinoid system. So while in popular vernacular getting really stoned connotes feeling mentally sluggish, spaced out, blown or what is colloquially known as being couchlocked, the reality is different marijuana varieties when optimized effectively generate a vastly wide gamut of subjective euphoric and therapeutic sensations far beyond just simply feeling heavily medicated.

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