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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Sugar, sometimes also referred to as sugar wax, refers to a type of beloved cannabis extract concentrate with a composition and malleable texture highly reminiscent of moist brown sugar or sticky cookie dough. Through targeted post-processing techniques, professional extract artists use chemical solvents like butane to carefully remove and collect psychoactive cannabinoids like THC and CBD along with aromatic terpenes from plant material into sugar's signature semi-solid, granular final consistency. The precise texture and workability of sugar wax can vary greatly between products that are ultra viscous, tacky and badder-like on one side of the spectrum to types that are bone dry, crumbly, and sauce-like on the other extreme when being handled. The starting quality of fresh input material largely determines the intense retention of terpenes and overall aroma left intact in the finished sugar wax product. Additionally, the most skillful and meticulous extract technicians perfect the art of whipping or otherwise agitating their products while purging to help develop the ideal homogeneous, creamy sugar wax consistency containing no residual solvents that is so beloved by concentrate enthusiasts.

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