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Swiss perc

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A Swiss perc refers to a specialized style of percolator glasswork incorporated into bongs and water pipes meant to diffuse and filter smoke through precision cut holes resembling Swiss cheese. As cannabis smoke gets drawn through the submerged Swiss perc during inhalation, the unique hole pattern and shape effectively breaks up and diffuses the smoke into multiple micro bubbles for a smoother, cooler and more optimized smoking experience. First introduced by acclaimed American glassblower Nate Dizzle, recognizable Swiss percs stand out visually for their large holes cleanly punctured into the piece's transparent glass body. While Swiss percs present slightly less diffusion and drag on each hit than multi-slit and tree style percolators, the larger hole size dispersed over a broad area still allows for impressive smoke conditioning effects. By directly influencing essential airflow characteristics, various perc styles like the Swiss perc significantly enhance overall flavor, expand hit volume, and deliver superior water-based cooling and filtration.

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