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Terp pearls

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Terp pearls, also commonly referred to as terp balls or dab beads, are small spherical beads added directly into heated bangers and nails when dabbing cannabis extracts. As you inhale, the beads spin and roll around, providing constant motion and agitation inside the banger. This perpetual movement during inhaling evenly distributes and transfers heat so concentrates don't burn onto one spot. The rolling turbulence also maximizes vaporization of terpene oils that would otherwise mostly get destroyed through excessive heating. Terp pearls prevent extract from pooling and cooking in one region of the banger by keeping it migrating. The visible speed of the spinning pearls circling inside the banger also provides a helpful indicator of when the ideal dabbing temperature has been reached based on their rate of motion. Made from either quartz or transparent glass, high quality terp pearls withstand repeated rapid heating and cooling cycles. While completely optional, dedicated dab connoisseurs swear by using pearls to enhance their smoking sessions through bigger, smoother, and tastier hits.

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