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Terp slurper

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A terp slurper refers to a specialty banger or nail used for dabbing cannabis concentrates that features an attached dish or chamber positioned directly underneath the bucket where extracts are initially placed. When taking a dab, the extract oil melts down through small holes in the bottom of the heated banger into the dish below. This ingenious design both captures any residual concentrate that may have otherwise wasted by dripping down as well as effectively vaporizing any terpenes that fall through. The lower dish allows consumers to make the most of small, conservatively sized dabs, while also showcasing the evolving flavors and aromas of different terpenes as they vaporize at various temperatures when inhaling. Terp slurpers evolved as an ergonomic upgrade from traditional bucket-style bangers to maximize vaporization, prevent messy waste and reduce leftover residue. The two-piece joined construction also makes terp slurpers significantly easier to clean compared to fixed standalone bangers. Overall, terp slurpers represent the latest innovation in the eternal quest for ever more flavorful and efficient dab rig accessories.

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