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Therapeutic window

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

The therapeutic window refers to the ideal dosage range and potency level that provides an individual cannabis consumer with the maximum positive effects and benefits, while minimizing any adverse or negative reactions. This optimal therapeutic dosage window can vary dramatically from person to person and depends on a wide range of factors including the individual's tolerance levels, body chemistry, cannabinoid ratios present in the product, as well as the delivery method itself. Those with lower cannabis tolerances typically have a much smaller therapeutic window which makes effects more unpredictable at higher doses. However, with increased experience consuming cannabis, the width of one's therapeutic window tends to expand over time as the consumer learns to dial in the specific product types, cannabinoid formulations and precise dosages that provide them with the greatest symptom relief and euphoria without unwanted side effects. Having a wider therapeutic window offers much more leeway in achieving your ideal cannabis effects. Finding your own perfect therapeutic window requires careful self-observation and tracking how different strains, products and dosages affect you. Keeping consumption journals with detailed dosage notes can help optimize and consistently maintain your ideal cannabis intake range over the long-term.

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