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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Cannabis tinctures contain cannabinoids like THC or CBD that have been carefully extracted and dissolved into an alcohol or oil base, formulated specifically for fast and convenient sublingual usage. Only a few tiny drops or sprays administered under the tongue are needed to allow the contents to be quickly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes for notably faster onset of effects compared to traditional edible cannabis products that must undergo extensive metabolization through the liver before taking effect. Tinctures also frequently incorporate complementary ingredients like sweeteners, flavoring agents and lipids in order to help mask and smooth out the typically bitter, acrid taste of pure unadulterated cannabis oils or tinctures for more palatable medication. The improved accessibility and ease of properly dosing cannabis tinctures makes them an ideal administration option for both new cannabis users and veterans alike seeking the rapid effects and alevel of customization and versatility not found in other methods. Users also enjoy the ability to add their desired dosage of tincture to foods or drinks like coffee as an alternative method of ingestion while still benefiting from the fast-acting properties as if taken sublingually as intended.

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