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Top shelf

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Top shelf refers to the highest premium quality grade tier of legal cannabis flower sold in licensed dispensaries to consumers. Top shelf strains will exhibit maximum potency testing levels, an exceptionally pungent and complex fragrance signature, generous frosted visible trichome coverage and flawless bag appeal coming from expert cultivation with dense bud structure. Top shelf flower offerings frequently feature exclusive limited-run genetics not readily found at other area retailers. As such, discerning cannabis enthusiasts intentionally seek out exotic new top shelf sativa, indica and hybrid varietals specifically to sample their purportedly superior cannabinoid ratios and aromatic qualities for an elevated cannabis experience.

However, because market demand for real top shelf cannabis consistently outstrips supply availability due to low phenotype frequency and small batch artisanal production levels, top shelf strains invariably occupy the uppermost pricing tier compared to mid grade and bottom shelf flower options available in stores. Lower cost options typically include mid shelf with decent but not premium dried buds, and bottom shelf representing the bare minimum threshold of baseline quality. In legal markets, licensed dispensaries vigorously market their exclusive locally sourced top shelf flower touts as an elite luxury experience evidently deserving of a substantial price premium over standard commercial production runs.

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