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Tree perc

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

The tree perc is a sophisticated percolator design that resembles an inverted tree inside a bong or dab rig, often crafted from beautifully worked glass. A central trunk splits into several gracefully arching branches, forming a lattice of angled slits through which smoke filters. This arboreal maze gently diffuses smoke into dozens of delicate bubbles, leading to smoother, cooler hits. Compact tree percs maximize surface area contact with smoke while channeling it directionally down into the water for robust filtration. However, the ornate tree perc structure also makes cleaning and maintenance more tedious compared to simple percolators. Talented glassblowers sculpture stunning artistic tree percs with elaborate branching, yet even basic, modest tree percs boost diffusion and filtration. While more fragile than some percs, the tree perc's aesthetic refinement and superior smoke conditioning keep it a popular choice for enhancing water pipes with botanically-inspired smoke diffusion.

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