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Venturi chamber

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A Venturi chamber is a funnel-like section of a bong or pipe that creates a smoother hit by cooling and spinning the smoke. It is named after physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi, who discovered the Venturi effect in fluid dynamics. When smoke passes through the constricted chamber, it drops in pressure and velocity, which cools the smoke. Venturi chambers typically have three holes that direct and spin the smoke into a vortex as it flows through. This spiral motion filters and diffuses the hot smoke for a smoother hit that is easier on the lungs.

By funneling smoke through smaller openings, a Venturi chamber slows down and diffuses the smoke, allowing it to expand and cool before inhalation. The chamber may be built into the neck of a bong or as an added accessory in a pipe or bong. As hot smoke enters the top hole of the chamber, it gets directed into the other holes on the sides, which gives the smoke a spiraling, vortex-like motion. This motion helps break up solid particles and diffuse the smoke. The slowed velocity also gives more time for the smoke to cool down before entering the lungs. Overall, a Venturi chamber delivers a smoother, cooler, filtered hit.

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