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Waffle perc

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A waffle perc refers to a disc-shaped percolator with a crosshatched design that resembles a waffle. Waffle percs are commonly found in bongs and dab rigs to filter and diffuse smoke or vapor for cooler, smoother hits. The holes spread throughout the disc shape allow for thorough aeration and diffusion.

Waffle percs are appreciated for their large bubbles and thorough diffusion abilities. As smoke or vapor passes through, the waffle design breaks up the smoke into loads of tiny bubbles, increasing surface area for cooling effects. Waffle percs tend to produce larger bubbles than some other percs, due to their wide hole size. The thickness of a waffle perc also gives smoke and vapor more time to dissipate heat before inhalation.

While waffle percs excel at diffusion, the large bubbles may not filter smoke as finely as other percolators like tree percs or showerhead percs. However, the waffle perc design is favored by many for its simplicity, diffusion capabilities, and ability to avoid clogging.

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