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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Cannabis wax refers to any extract with a soft, pliable texture resembling wax. Wax can take on many forms, so you may see it marketed under descriptive names like shatter, badder, sugar, crumble, and more. While the names refer to subtle variations in texture, wax largely refers to any malleable cannabis extract produced through butane hash oil (BHO) extraction.

The term wax emerged as a catch-all for the spectrum of textures that can occur in BHO. Variables like moisture content, agitation, and lipid content during processing result in nuanced textures that lent themselves to names like “honeycomb” or “cake batter.” However, wax generally describes any opaque, waxy concentrate as opposed to clear, glass-like shatter.

Wax appeals to many consumers for its versatility. It can be dabbed, used in a joint or bowl, or vaporized. The potent concentration of compounds also provides fast-acting effects for medical patients. However, inexperienced users should approach wax with caution due to very high THC levels.

While possible to make at home, wax production requires dangerous flammable solvents. Legally produced commercial wax is made using professional closed loop systems that prevent exposure to solvent fumes. Trying to make wax at home may lead to fire or explosion.

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