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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Zaza, sometimes also called exotic, refers to high-quality, rare strains of cannabis that possess unique terpene profiles setting them apart from more common varieties. The slang term zaza gained popularity on social media, forum discussions, and in rap lyrics in the late 2010s as a way for cannabis enthusiasts to hype up and celebrate particularly potent, flavorful strains that offer novel psychoactive experiences.

As prolific breeders continued crossing existing strains to develop exciting new hybrids with distinctive characteristics, partakers searching for exotic strains to stand out coined the term zaza to market exceptional flower boasting impressive bag appeal and differentiated effects compared to generic offerings.

The exclusivity implied by marketing products as exotic zaza cannabis feeds into cannabis culture and the constant desire among some consumers to try out new, rare, limited edition strains. However, the distinction between exotic versus plain weed ultimately remains highly subjective. With thousands of unique strains already in circulation, zaza serves as shorthand slang to generate buzz and prestige around perceived high-status strains.

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