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CBD Bath Bombs 100mg

Lexie Livingston
February 17, 2022

CBD beauty & bath products are the latest craze, especially given that stress levels are at an all-time high right now. Many people are already familiar with the CBD bath benefits, such as deep relaxation and relief from pain, anxiety, and insomnia. However, could there be more to it? When searching for the perfect CBD bath bombs Canada, what dosage is recommended? Bath bombs often come in variety of milligrams per bath bomb. Is more CBD always better? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about choosing an appropriate CBD dosage for your bath bomb. But first, let’s get into some basics!

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

Bath Bombs aren't exactly new (they were initially released in the late 1980s), but they have unquestionably become the world's most practical and enjoyable bath addition. An excellent quality bath bomb gives fizz, aromatherapy, and skin nourishment thanks to the simple mix of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Bath bombs and CBD have recently been coupled to create a one-of-a-kind bathing experience that heals not only the body but also the mind. If you're interested in learning more about the history of the bath bomb, click here for an informative article.

How does a CBD Bath Bomb Work?

Most bath bombs have more than simply baking soda and citric acid in them. Epsom salts, essential oils and aromatherapy agents, natural and organic coloring agents, and now even cannabidiol (CBD) are incorporated into a variety of CBD beauty & bath products for the ultimate healing. You’ll be sure to experience some of the tremendous relief that CBD has been found in studies to provide. These range from improved sleep to alleviating pain and anxiety. High-quality CBD is swiftly absorbed through your skin's open pores, allowing your bath to provide a revitalizing sense of comfort to your entire body. Perhaps it's time to forego the pricey spa day in favor of a CBD bath bomb in the privacy and comfort of your own home?

The CBD Bath Bomb Recipe: CBD and Epsom Salts

Epsom salt has been used to help the body eliminate impurities from the skin for hundreds of years. Epsom salts are said to provide relief from painful muscles, mood regulation, and overall health support, in addition to helping your skin and body regain balance. Do some of these CBD advantages seem familiar? Clearly, CBD and Epsom salts have some relief benefits in common, which when combined will only boost their mutual benefits.

The CBD bath bomb recipe is generally connected with giving a person a notable "glow," whether visible or not. The Epsom salt and hot water work together to open pores and increase blood flow throughout the body. The Epsom salt lets toxins escape, allowing CBD chemicals and essential oils to enter the skin. When toxins are gone, CBD's benefits become visible, and alleviation can take various forms, the most notable of which is stress and pain relief, which leads to an overall change in mood. For more information on the benefits of taking a bath with Epsom Salts, click here.

What Amount of CBD in a Bath Bomb is Best?

CBD bath bombs, also known as hemp bath bombs, contain between 25 and 100 milligrams of CBD per unit. Start with a low-to-mid dose (between 25 and 50 milligrams per bath bomb) if you're new to using CBD in the bath. You can get a product with 100 milligrams of CBD if you want a more dramatic impact, but expect to spend extra for the higher cannabinoid concentration. CBD bath bombs are known to be completely safe as you can't overdose and it won't make you feel psychoactive or "high."

When are 100mg Bath Bombs Recommended?

A high dose CBD bath bomb consisting of 100mg or more of CBD is often recommended for those who have extreme difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. It’s also ideal for those who have had an extra hard workout and need deeper muscle/joint pain relief. Bath bombs with 100mg or more can assist those who are working to fight off infection, recovering from injury or trauma, or detoxing their body. If you enjoy using CBD daily and want to increase your dose, a bath with a 100mg CBD bath bomb is right up your alley. This is also true for those who have used lower dose bath bombs and found minimal relief.

As with any other CBD product and depending on your prior experience with CBD,  it is always recommended to start with a low dose and work your way up.


What are Some CBD Bath Benefits?

The hot water alone provides various wellness benefits when you're submerged in a warm bath, making it easier for your body to rest after a hard day. CBD can penetrate more easily into the skin once your pores have opened up while soaking in warm bathwater. A CBD bath bomb recipe can also help your body recuperate in the following ways:

Pain Relief: CBD, being a well-known anti-inflammatory, can assist with pain relief by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. Whether you've just gotten home from the gym and need to relax your weary muscles or want to relieve strain on your painful joints, soaking your complete body in a CBD-infused bath is the ideal way to unwind.

Soothes Irritation: CBD not only relieves pain, but it can also aid with skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Adding a CBD bath bomb to the mix can assist, but CBD topicals can be much more effective.

Moisturizes and Nourishes the Skin: With the rich plant elements that are abundant within this hemp extract, CBD oil is perfect for restoring skin health and balancing moisture. You may also use a hemp lotion or CBD cream to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day for even healthier skin.

Promotes Mental Clarity: After a stressful day, letting go of your problems might help you feel better and allow your mind the rest it requires to function at its best. CBD is well-known for its anti-anxiety properties, and the essential oils in these bath bombs help you fully relax so that you can start fresh the next day.


Where are Best CBD Bath Bombs Canada Purchased?

You will find the highest quality CBD bath bombs only at Birch + Fog. Here at Birch + Fog, we verify that each and every CBD beauty & bath product contains pure and potent CBD oil, with no contaminants, toxins, or unnecessary ingredients. When you use one of our bath bombs, you’ll feel the power of our CBD oil as your worries, stress, pain, and anxiety are effortlessly carried away. Here are our two favorite CBD bath bombs currently in stock!

1 CBD Bath Bomb | Sea B Dee

This top-rated bath bomb is an exclusive to Birch + Fog. It combines 30mg of the highest quality CBD oil on the market with all-natural ingredients to instill calmness, tranquility, and overall balance among the chaos of everyday life. They are 100% handcrafted in British Columbia and come in 3 different floral scents: lavender, west coast gold, and the secret garden.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Instills calmness, tranquility and an overall sense of balance
  • Available in 3 different floral scents


  • No entourage effect due to being CBD isolate


    • Top rated
    • Exclusive to Birch + Fog
    • 100% handcrafted in British Columbia


2 CBD Bath Bomb | DeLush

This adorable heart-shaped bath bomb provides 75mg of pure CBD isolate with no parabens or sulfates. It is handmade with all-natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil and Epsom salt. Not only is it body-healing, it is also anti-aging while combating inflammation, anxiety, and any skin issues. It is available in 3 fruity scents: sweet mandarin, blueberry yum yum, and diced pineapples. Give yourself at least 30minutes to soak and all your stress and worries will disappear!


  • Heart shaped
  • All natural ingredients
  • 3 fruity scents to choose from


  • No discounts for buying more than 1


  • No parabens or sulfates
  • 75mg of pure CBD isolate
  • Hand-made



There are various CBD bath benefits, however it is important to review the ingredients and determine which strength bath bomb is right for you. Higher strength is not always necessarily better due to some companies using low quality CBD oil. It is always recommended to seek reputable CBD retailers who are known to sell high-quality CBD. Look into third-party lab tests to verify the ingredients so that you can be certain you’re getting the real deal. If you are new to CBD, start with a lower strength CBD bath bomb to see how your body responds. Once that is determined, you can always purchase a higher strength bath bomb for the next time.

Here at Birch + Fog, we take pride in our products as we only stock those that have passed the strictest quality control standards. Each product has been third-party tested and verified to be pure and effective. Why not give yourself a break from all of the stress and try out CBD bath bombs Canada today? You can shop our entire collection by clicking here.

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