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CBD Edibles Review

Lexie Livingston
March 8, 2022

Consider trying CBD edibles Canada if you want to learn more about the hemp plant's health advantages without any risk for intoxicating effects. Edibles are commonly ingested orally to promote general wellness and aid in managing a multitude of different conditions. They are simple to dose and extremely versatile, making them increasingly popular. However, with so many brands and products to choose from, finding the best CBD edibles for pain, anxiety, and sleep may become a bit of a chore. In this article, we’ll provide a CBD edibles review with all the information you need to know before choosing a product, including some of our favorite edible products that are found exclusively at Birch + Fog.

What are CBD Edibles Canada?

CBD edibles are CBD infused food products that are consumed orally. They do not provide an intoxicating "high" since they contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most well-known mind-altering chemical found in the cannabis plant. Many businesses regulate the amount of CBD in each product so that you can know exactly how much CBD you're getting with each individual serving.

Edibles come in a variety of forms, from the most popular CBD gummies and highly edible CBD pucks to chocolates, brownies, lollipops, honey, peanut butter, coffee, tea, and much more!

CBD infused edible products can be made with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in hemp plants, with a THC content of less than 0.3%. Except for THC, broad-spectrum contains all of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp plants. On the label of most broad-spectrum CBD products, THC content is listed as 0.0%. Other cannabinoids or terpenes from the hemp plant aren't present in isolate CBD products. As with broad-spectrum products, isolate products do not contain any THC either.

Additional cannabinoids, such as cannabiniol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG), as well as supplements like melatonin, are included in some of the best CBD edibles for pain, sleep, and anxiety.


How do CBD Edibles Work?

The process by which a chemical is digested at a specific spot in the body, resulting in a lower concentration of the drug by the time it circulates throughout the body, is known as first-pass digestion. The CBD that remains after first-pass digestion is absorbed into the bloodstream after the edibles are taken orally. Due to first-pass digestion, CBD's bioavailability is relatively low, so further research is needed to determine how much CBD we absorb from CBD edibles. Despite bioavailability being low, one of the benefits of edibles is that they tend to have longer lasting effects, often lasting 2-4 hours longer than inhalation.

CBD acts by binding to CB1 receptors in the brain and CB2 receptors in the immune system once it has been ingested. The endocannabinoid system, which regulates the immune system and the central nervous system, contains these cannabinoid receptors.

When using CBD edibles for anxiety, the CBD will stimulate the action of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA activity promotes calmness by reducing the stress reaction. For an in-depth look at the endocannabinoid system and how it works, click here.


What are Some Benefits of CBD Edibles?

In addition to the effects lasting longer than other forms of CBD, edibles provide discreet dosing. Tinctures and vaping are difficult to conceal and need substantial planning. When you use CBD edibles for anxiety, pain, or sleep, you don't have to worry about people recognizing what you're doing, and you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in peace. The discreet nature of them allows for traveling and bringing CBD into public places a breeze. It can be difficult to sneak out of occasions like weddings, graduations, or meetings to enjoy the benefits of CBD, but with edibles, you don't have to. You can eat them without being noticed or disrupted.

CBD edibles also provide easy and accurate dosing. When ingesting CBD with tinctures or other methods, it's only natural to feel a bit perplexed and frustrated. With edibles, each serving size contains a predetermined CBD edible dosage. This eliminates any guesswork, calculations, or counting drops, ensuring that you get an accurate dose each and every time.

While certain tinctures and vapes do have a flavor, it is often fleeting or does not match the intended flavor. CBD gummies, on the other hand, are sweet and flavorful, so this isn't an issue. Why not take pleasure in the CBD experience? Choosing a tasty and enjoyable option with an edible product guarantees an accurate CBD edible dosage while satisfying your sweet tooth all at the same time. One of the most obvious benefits of purchasing CBD edibles gummies from a reputable supplier is that they are typically flavored with natural flavors rather than sweets or chemicals.

What is the Criteria for Choosing the Best CBD Edibles for Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep?

Once you’ve become aware of what CBD edibles are and how they work, it’s important to look into the details on what makes a good product. Whether you are planning on buying CBD edibles gummies, highly edible CBD pucks, chocolate, or another product, this criteria remains the same.

First, you’ll want to verify that the product is made with only high-quality ingredients. Make sure that the company provides an entire list of all of the ingredients contained in the product in addition to the source of the CBD.

Never buy CBD products without first looking at their third-party independent lab results. If a company does not publicly disclose test results, you may want to look elsewhere. Third-party results are extremely important as they provide the entire chemical makeup of the product, including the purity of the CBD and any potential fertilizers, toxins, or non-essential ingredients.

Look into the different types of CBD and which one is best for you. For those looking for maximum benefits with the entourage effect, full-spectrum is the best route. For those sensitive to THC, broad-spectrum or isolate may be best.

Before purchasing a CBD edible product, conduct your research on potency. There are CBD edibles for anxiety, pain, and sleep in various different potencies. If you’re new to CBD, you’ll want to start off with a small CBD edible dosage and work your way up over time as needed. Purchasing 10-20mg edibles is typically a good starting dose as you can adjust the dosage by taking more. For more information on choosing a CBD dosage, click here.

Where are the Highest Quality CBD Edibles for Anxiety, Pain, and Sleep Found?

The highest quality CBD edibles Canada are found exclusively at Birch + Fog. Here, you’ll find highly edible CBD pucks, CBD edibles gummies, chocolate, beverages, and much more. Third-party independent laboratory tests have been conducted on each product, verifying pure and potent ingredients. No product is stocked in our online store without first passing the strictest quality control standards. Below you will find some of our favorite CBD edibles.


1 Mixed Fruit Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies | Kandy Kandy

One of Birch + Fog’s top-rated and best selling CBD gummies comes from Kandy Kandy. They are made with the highest quality extracts and ingredients, including the highest quality full-spectrum CBD on the market. They are naturally flavored, gluten-free, and contain no corn syrup. Bursting with a medley of fruit flavors, each gummy contains 50mg of CBD that is ideal for pain, anxiety, sleep problems, and speeding recovery. The recommended starting CBD edible dosage is 10mg and then wait 2 hours to feel the full effects.


  • 250mg of CBD per bag
  • Medley of fruit flavors
  • Ideal for pain, anxiety, sleep, and speeding recovery


  • Recommended starting dose is 10mg (⅕ of the gummy)


  • Top-rated and best-selling
  • Highest quality extracts and ingredients
  • Naturally flavored, gluten-free, and contain no corn syrup


2 Vegan CBD Dark Chocolate Bar | Chocolit

Brand new to Birch + Fog is this vegan CBD dark chocolate bar from Chocolit. With premium full-spectrum CBD that is true-strength and lab tested, you’ll receive the entourage effect for stress, pain, and anxiety relief while also helping you with any sleep issues. Made with ethically sourced chocolate, this bar is made with simple and whole ingredients while being 100% animal friendly. Each bar contains 500mg of CBD that can be broken down into 24 squares. The suggested serving size is 1 square and wait 45 minutes to feel the full effects. You’ll feel the power with full-spectrum cannabis oil being the very first ingredient.


  • Ethically sourced chocolate
  • 500mg of CBD per bar
  • Simple and whole ingredients


  • New to B+F so limited customer reviews


  • Vegan and 100% animal friendly
  • True-strength and lab-tested premium full-spectrum CBD
  • Full-spectrum cannabis oil is the very first ingredient



In this CBD edibles review, we provided a general explanation of CBD edibles, including what they are, how they work, the many benefits, and what to look for in choosing the best products. Edibles are ideal for those looking for an easy and accurate dosing that is discreet and long-lasting. The benefits of CBD edibles include everything from alleviating pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues, to helping to manage more chronic conditions. Available in many different varieties, you can purchase gummies, chocolates, brownies, lollipops, honey, peanut butter, coffee, tea, and much more! To shop Birch + Fog’s entire edibles collection, which is all made with the highest quality CBD on the market, simply click here!

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