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Do CBD Capsules Really Work?

Lexie Livingston
December 13, 2021

With the popularity of CBD skyrocketing in Canada, new ways to consume it are constantly being developed. CBD oils and CBD vapes are commonly referred to as the most popular and widely used CBD delivery techniques. However, CBD pills for pain are becoming increasingly more popular. Every type of CBD product has a particular effect on your body as it interacts with it in a different way. According to a CBD capsules review, they are a convenient, effective way to consistently dose CBD.


What are CBD Capsules Canada?

Soft gel capsules are the most popular form of capsules in Canada. CBD will be incorporated into either hemp seed oil or MCT oil in the soft gel capsules. There are also flavonoids, terpenes, sterols, and polyphenols in some. They should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Most common are 30mg CBD capsules, however they can range from 10mg to 30mg depending on the manufacturer. They are typically taken in the same way as any other tablet or capsule, whether it's a prescription medication or a vitamin.


How Long do CBD Capsules Take to Work?

The time it takes to start working or feel the CBD pills effects can vary greatly and is dependent upon a number of factors including your body size, body shape, and metabolism. The amount of time it takes for them to work also depends on how recently you ate a meal. It usually takes one to two hours for the CBD capsule to start having an effect on your body and mind. This is due to the fact that the CBD capsule/CBD pill must transit through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream and being distributed throughout your body. CBD pills effects can be subtle, and it's often not until you stop taking it that you realize the full extent of its benefits. It will take a varied amount of time for CBD to have noticeable effects depending on whatever ailment you are hoping to alleviate.

Another important point to remember is that CBD accumulates in your system over time, implying that CBD has a cumulative impact. CBD may take time to build up in your system, which is why you should persist with any CBD supplement you try for at least 10 days (including THC capsules). Following a daily routine can provide significant benefits. It is critical to do so in order to accurately analyze the efficacy of the CBD product you are testing.


How Does CBD Work in the Body?

The endocannabinoid system, also known as the ECS, is affected by CBD. The majority of vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system, which consists of a network of receptors distributed throughout the brain and body. There are two types of cannabinoid receptors that have been discovered in humans: the CB1 and CB2 receptors. In the central nervous system and throughout the digestive system, cannabinoid receptors are frequently grouped together. To maintain homeostasis, the receptors work with cannabinoids like anandamide, which are naturally produced by the human body. CBD is thought to interact with dopamine receptors and play a role in cognitive regulation as well as reward seeking behavior.

Cannabinoids found in plants, particularly hemp plants, are known as phytocannabinoids. They frequently resemble endogenous cannabinoids, which makes them compatible with the body's CB1 and CB2 receptors. This is why CBD and THC capsules can both aid in the maintenance of homeostasis in the body. This is also the reason why people often use CBD pills for pain.


So, maybe you’ve tried CBD before and didn’t have any noticeable effects. Here are 2 main reasons you may have had a bad experience!


Your CBD wasn’t from a trustworthy manufacturer:

CBD capsules Canada appear to be popping up everywhere, from internet enterprises to over-the-counter retailers, as its popularity develops. You may have even tried a free sample to see the CBD pills effects without spending anything other than shipping costs. Unfortunately, many times, a CBD capsules review often indicates that products do not include CBD that is of excellent quality. No non-prescription CBD products have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some con-artists take advantage of this by selling low-quality, incorrectly labeled goods. For example, when a group of researchers examined 84 CBD products, they discovered that only 31% of them contained the amount of CBD that was advertised.

Next time you plan to buy CBD capsules Canada, keep these things in mind to be sure that it lives up to its claims:

  • Look for evidence of lab tests conducted by a third party. Lab testing can disclose the exact amount of CBD in a product, and the test results should be available for you to view.
  • Check out what others have to say. CannaInsider, Leafly, and CBD Oil Users are just a few of the websites that give feedback on CBD and THC capsules efficacy, delivery time, and customer support. Customers often disclose their preference in using CBD pills for pain.
  • Choose from a number of well-known brands. If you read enough lists of people's favorite CBD products, such as with a CBD capsules review, you'll notice that some of the same brands appear repeatedly. Popular retailers including Birch + Fog, Now + Then, and Naturr have solidified their reputations as reliable providers. Many CBD pill users report trying many different products to see the CBD pills effects before finding one that actually works for them. Don't give up if your first try doesn't yield the results you want.


CBD needed more time to accumulate in your system:

It might be difficult to determine a proper CBD pills dosage, as the optimal dose can vary by person. Each person’s biochemistry is distinct, resulting in a variable reaction. Begin with a modest dose and gradually raise it until you reach your "sweet spot." Some people believe that taking a daily amount of CBD will assist in maintaining a CBD level in the body, which may stimulate your endocannabinoid system.

Many people also utilize a micro-dosing strategy to determine their personal dose and alter it over time as needed. You might find it useful to keep track of your findings in a journal. Keep track of how much you've taken, the CBD pills effects, how you're feeling before and after you've taken it, and any changes in symptoms you detect. This information might help build a picture of the CBD pills effects over time.

Many people need to use CBD pills for pain for several weeks or even months before they see  a benefit. It's not as simple as popping a couple of Tylenol and calling it a day. Investing time and attention into your process of determining the long-term consequences does take a certain amount of dedication. If you're still not seeing results after a while (a few months), it's time to switch brands. Your CBD notebook might help you keep track of how long it's been since you started using CBD and whether or not you've seen any improvements. Patience is essential, and while it might be irritating to keep trying with no results, you may come to regret not giving up.

Here is a great resource for CBD dosing information that I often find myself double checking.


Tips to Find the Best CBD Capsules Canada

Capsules are one of the easiest ways to incorporate CBD into your routine. However, as explained above, not all are created equally. When researching a good product, it is always recommended to:

  • Analyze the hemp extraction sources, supply networks, and sustainability measures.
  • Look into the potency of the capsules in reference to the CBD pills effects. Some are not potent enough or not even labeled.
  • Check the label for ingredients to verify that the ingredients are pure and free from toxic chemicals.
  • Review third party lab results that show effectiveness, safety, and dependability.  If the company does not provide third party lab results, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • Verify transparency of the company by reviewing their history, internet reputation, and content on their website (including CBD capsules review). All important information about supply chains and procedures will be on full display for anybody to read.


Our Top Recommendation

After careful research and analysis, Birch + Fog products have been proven to contain the most naturally obtained hemp in Canada. Their third-party findings demonstrate their CBD oil's effectiveness, safety, and dependability. In addition, they have clearly labeled their products to better assist the customer in choosing the correct product. Birch + Fog is transparent, honest, and forthcoming with their product contents and never include any toxic chemicals. An added perk is that their website even has a user-friendly dosage calculator that will calculate your unique dose in 30 seconds or less!


1 RELIEF Capsules | Birch + Fog

Birch + Fog’s Relief capsules are part of their signature line that caters to your individual needs. Among the other capsules in their collection are: Calm, Sleep, Energize, and Natural. Each one is clearly labeled, which helps identify the best product for whatever tough issues you may be facing. Each product contains full-spectrum CBD oil with no added THC, which means there is still a very small amount of THC (less than 0.3%).

Relief features everything from their original bestseller, but with an upgraded design, higher quality ingredients, and a higher dosage. This particular product is top-rated due to its ability to combat chronic pain and conditions like arthritis, muscle/back pain, and migraines. Due to the potency, they are often used in place of typical pain medications.

Each capsule contains MCT oil (which adds natural anti-inflammatory properties) in combination with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. They come in a lightweight, child-proof, and spill-proof bottle.

An added benefit is that this product is available on Birch + Fog’s exclusive subscription program with discounts of 17% for a 2 months subscription, 23% for a 3 month, and 30% for a 6 month!


  • Catered to individual needs
  • Top-rated
  • Combats chronic pain Added MCT oil (anti-inflammatory)


  • Only available in one size: 30 capsules per bottle


  • Entourage effect with full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Save money on subscription


Final Thoughts

As CBD products have increased in popularity over the past few years in Canada, you can find CBD just about everywhere these days. CBD capsules Canada provide a simple, convenient, and effective way to dose CBD. There's no doubt that one of the most popular benefits is CBD pills for pain, however, many companies have deterred customers with their poor quality products that aren’t potent enough to produce results. This is why we have provided recommendations for choosing a quality product in addition to providing a CBD capsule product that we stand by. Here at Birch + Fog, we adhere to high quality standards and never stock a product without publicly available lab tests. Check out our other products, including THC capsules, that are available exclusively at our online store. You have our Birch + Fog guarantee!


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