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Do you Need a Prescription for CBD Oil in Canada in 2022?

Lexie Livingston
December 17, 2021

With such an extensive list of conditions that CBD can help alleviate, many Canadians are jumping on the bandwagon in their search for a natural remedy. From overworked and anxiety-ridden professionals to pain-stricken retirees, CBD continues to gain popularity as a supplement with a solid reputation for relief.

With fluctuating laws and confusing language, many people often ask if a prescription is needed. Luckily, for residents of Canada, CBD is completely legal for those age 18 and older with no prescription needed. However, this does not mean that CBD sales are a free-for-all!

CBD oil is strictly regulated by the Canadian government under the Cannabis Act. In this article, we’ll get into the legality of CBD (and even Phoenix Tears oil Canada)!


The Canadian Cannabis Act: The Legality of CBD and Phoenix Tears THC

The Canadian Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17, 2018. This legislation opened hemp to the public, but with strict guidelines for sale. This legislation legalizes the manufacture of CBD products, establishes quality standards and rigorous product safety norms, raises public knowledge of different health hazards, and creates initiatives to safeguard children and underage users.

According to Health Canada, various activities using phytocannabinoids, including CBD, are still forbidden under the Cannabis Act, with the exception of the particular situations recognized by the Act and its regulations, which include tight controls on possession, manufacturing, sale, and distribution. While Health Canada is responsible for the manufacture of cannabis products, provinces and territories are in charge of the distribution and sale of the cannabis supply chain. The distribution of CBD, THC,  and phoenix tears oil for sale is regulated by Health Canada.


Who Can Grow Cannabis Plants Containing CBD?

To produce cannabis plants commercially, a federal license issued under the Cannabis Act is necessary. This license is often referred to as a cultivation license under the Cannabis Regulations, which allows for the cultivation of a variety of cannabis plants with varying levels of THC and CBD. The Industrial Hemp Regulations allow for the growth of a specific kind of cannabis known as industrial hemp with an industrial hemp license. THC level in flowering heads, branches, and leaves of industrial hemp is less than 0.3 percent.


Who Can Manufacture and Sell CBD?

CBD and CBD-containing products (including CBD-containing cannabis or hemp oil) are subject to the same regulations and restrictions as cannabis under the Cannabis Act. Regardless of the source of the CBD, commodities containing CBD require a processing license under the Cannabis Regulations. Adults (those aged 18 or older, depending on the province or territory's minimum age) can only buy CBD and CBD-containing items, such as cannabis oil, from a provincially or territorially registered cannabis merchant or a federally licensed cannabis for medical purposes vendor.


Phoenix Tears CBD and THC Products are Treated the Same

Canada sees no distinction between CBD and THC and controls them as if they are the same. Canadians may purchase CBD and THC if you’re of legal age. There is even Phoenix Tears oil for sale. However, until a product made from the cannabis family is approved, it is prohibited under the Cannabis Act. Prior to the enactment of the Cannabis Act in 2018, cannabis products were extremely limited, with the only method to purchase one being for medical or scientific research purposes. Now that the Act is in effect, anybody over the age of 18 can purchase any cannabis-derived product.


Enter…Phoenix Tears Canada!

Probably one of the best things to come from the passing of the Cannabis Act is that Phoenix Tears THC oil is completely legal in Canada! If you’ve been searching for natural treatment that provides pharmaceutical grade relief without the side effects, this is your answer!


What are Phoenix Tears?

If you’re not familiar, Phoenix Tears oil Canada is a concentrated cannabis extract with a high potency. Also known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), FECO (fully extracted cannabis oil), hashish oil, or “cannabis extract,” this extract was discovered as a cure for cancer by Rick Simpson himself. Designed to be ingested or applied topically, this medicine outperforms other tinctures. Due to the strength of Phoenix Tears, it is more medicinal than other THC products. It can give a significant dose of cannabis to medicinal patients in a discreet and efficient method with fast benefits.


What is the Difference Between Phoenix Tears THC and CBD?

CBD products typically available for sale contain up to 0.3% THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis and hemp plants. Phoenix Tears has a higher concentration of THC than CBD products and even typical THC products such as capsules, tinctures, and edibles. Phoenix Tears can often be found in products with a THC content above 600mg.

CBD oil is generally made from hemp plants since they contain more CBD than marijuana, whereas Phoenix Tears is made from cannabis plants and includes a lot of THC. CBD's medical benefits are amplified when coupled with other cannabinoids, according to early study. Rick Simpson claimed that Phoenix Tears oils contain just 2% to 6% CBD, but the focus is primarily on the THC concentration, which must be substantial. Such a high dose of THC has been reported to alleviate various conditions, even life-threatening illnesses such as cancer!


What are the Phoenix Tears Benefits?

One of the most popular benefits of Phoenix Tears is it’s ability to combat cancer. Phoenix Tears inhibit the growth of cancer cells in four separate ways. Compounds found in the cannabis plant have been demonstrated to suppress cancer cells. As a result, the cells will be unable to divide and grow as quickly (the antiproliferative effect). When cannabis oil is taken, cancer cells are less likely to spread to healthy tissue (anti-metastatic effect). Some cannabis ingredients have been shown to prevent tumors from forming blood vessels, thus starving them to death (anti-angiogenic effect). Cannabis chemicals have been shown in many studies to trigger apoptosis, which causes cancer cells to die on their own (pro-apoptotic effect).

Diabetes, skin disorders, infections, pain, glaucoma, inflammation, headaches, asthma, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression have all been effectively treated using Phoenix Tears THC oil. It was also discovered that this compound can stimulate appetite, heal tissues, rejuvenate vital organs, and have anti-aging properties.

Fore more information on Rick Simpson Oil/Phoenix Tears, click here.


Where is Phoenix Tears Oil for Sale in Canada?

Here at Birch + Fog, we have hand-picked our entire selection of Phoenix Tears products, available only through our online store. Every product has been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab to ensure purity, potency, and efficacy. We stand by our products as we only stock those that are made with the highest quality ingredients. Each product is backed by our Birch + Fog guarantee!


Birch + Fog’s Top Recommended Phoenix Tears Canada


1 Phoenix Tears Capsules | Now + Then

For extreme, full-body healing and relief that is backed by extensive lab testing, these Phoenix Tears THC capsules are for you. Each capsule contains 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg of extra-strength, high dose THC. Containing only three ingredients, full-extracted cannabis oil, MCT oil, and water, these capsules are extremely pure. The Phoenix Tears benefits include medicinal treatment for severe conditions and even life-threatening illnesses.

They are easy to dose with precisely measured capsules. It is suggested to take one capsule and wait at least 45 minutes to determine how your body responds. If you are new to THC, do not take these on an empty stomach.


  • Medicinal benefits for severe conditions
  • Backed by extensive lab tested
  • 3 dosage options available


  • Will need to take with food if new to THC


  • Precisely measured capsules
  • 3 ingredients


2 High Dose Gummies | Kandy Kandy

If you are looking for a tasty way to treat severe illness (such as severe arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, chronic pain, or sleep disorders), look no further than high dose gummies by Kandy Kandy. These Phoenix Tears gummies come in 2 dosages, a 900mg bottle and a 3,000mg bottle.

Cannabis extract is the first ingredient, which means you’ll receive maximum healing from the extreme strength. These gummies come in two delicious flavors, grape and orange. They are all natural, gluten-free, and made with organic flavors.

Caution is advised as it is suitable for experienced THC users only.


  • Grape and orange flavors available
  • 2 dosages available: 900 mg bottle and 3,000 mg bottle
  • All-natural and gluten free


  • Suitable for experienced THC users only


  • First ingredient is cannabis extract
  • Maximum healing with extreme strength


Final Thoughts

With 2022 here, more and more Canadians are taking control of their own health with natural medicines. With the passing of the Canadian Cannabis Act, it is easier than ever to indulge in relief from not only CBD but also THC products.

Phoenix Tears THC might just have the biggest impact due it’s capability to treat chronic illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Being fully legal with no prescription necessary, Canadians are free to choose alternatives to pharmaceutical medications that often come with nasty side effects. We encourage you to do your own research to decide if Phoenix Tears is right for you. Check out our entire online store for a variety of Phoenix Tears products that includes capsules, oils, and gummies.

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