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HighOnLove: Taking Pleasure to New Heights

Sarah Lightfoot
April 6, 2023

Angela Mustone tapped into the benefits of CBD and cannabis oil to develop her award-winning line of intimacy enhancers and self-care products. Find out how her journey started and what inspired her female-focused line.


What made you start your company?

HighOnLove® exists to break down the stigma surrounding sexuality, self-love and cannabis. Recognizing the power of CBD and hemp seed oil in the wellness realm ⁠— from decreased inflammation to improved blood flow⁠ — I knew that the right formulas could lead to extraordinary results. It started with the cult favourite Stimulating Sensual Oil and, and now we’re at a full range of beautiful bath and body products, like our Plumping lip gloss and CBD Bath Oil.

Intimacy is not something we should shy away from. I created my brand to empower women and remind them that their self-care and sexuality are crucial for living a healthy, happy life.


What is the most popular product?

Our Stimulating Sensual Oil is popular all over the world. We receive messages from women all the time saying that these products have transformed their sex life. They are truly a game-changer for those experiencing vaginal dryness, discomfort or decreased libido, which can happen after childbirth, during menopause, or are even a lifelong struggle for some. I am truly proud that I can help women around the world reclaim their pleasure.


What was the biggest struggle or hurdle?

Funding and raising capital was the initial challenge in starting out my business. Now, it’s about the shift in retail after COVID-19. There have been ups and downs but it’s all about adapting. We’ve put way more effort into our online community on social media, and elevating our website for e-commerce. We’re also expanding globally, focusing on establishing the brand in top European markets such as Paris and Germany.


How did you come up with the name?

It's a little play on words since cannabis hemp seed oil is involved, of course – though our products don’t contain THC, so they won’t get you high. Our brand name's version of getting "high" is more about elevating wellbeing, from self-care or self-love to romance with a partner.


What inspires the brand?

Our brand promotes a healthy, sex-positive attitude. We encourage women to explore their sexuality on their own and become intimate with themselves, first and foremost. We believe that each and every woman should be responsible for – and proud of – her own pleasure and sensuality. At the same time, we are all about beautiful things. Our products are little luxuries – we really believe in the simple joys of gorgeous bottles filled with high-quality products that truly live up to the promise.


When did you realize you were making it?

The usual answer would probably be something about getting our first extra-large order, but to be honest, it’s more about getting positive feedback from real people who appreciate the products. Every time we get a message on social media from someone who says their sex life has been improved by the Stimulating Oil or Gel, or someone who just pampering herself with our self-care products , I’m truly overjoyed – that’s what makes it worth it, for me.


What’s your best advice for entrepreneurs?

Stick to your guns. You have to believe in your project first – if you don’t, how can you convince anyone else to invest in it or sell your products? You need an endless supply of determination and courage. I wake up with butterflies in my stomach even now. It’s nerve-wracking to be an entrepreneur – but it’s also thrilling.

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