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How Can I Get Rid of Anxiety Fast?

Olivia St James
December 20, 2021

Anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly widespread mental health concerns that may easily disrupt the everyday activities of many individuals, hurting work and school performance. It can also interfere in relationships with loved ones or people they interact with regularly.

Getting treatment for an anxiety disorder is a possibility. If you feel you might be suffering from anxiety, it is essential you get a proper diagnosis from a physician; you can consult your concerns and ask if CBD oil for anxiety is an option to approach treatment more naturally.

One of the main questions people with anxiety have is how can I get rid of anxiety fast? And when it comes to CBD oil, some factors play an essential role in making CBD more effective for anxiety. For example, food is sometimes not considered when thinking about anxiety, but knowing that CBD oil can be absorbed better when having a proper meal is an excellent point to learn more about.


CBD for Anxiety. How Does it Work?

CBD has been proven through studies to help with anxiety and depression. There is also enough anecdotal evidence from people who happily share how CBD oil has helped improve their quality of life.

It is important to keep in mind the nature of CBD to understand better how CBD for anxiety and depression works. CBD, according to research, is an “allosteric modulator,” a compound that helps your body by feeding back what it needs.

CBD helps your body respond according to your own particular needs; that is why it is popular to find articles that state that CBD effects are not the same in every person with anxiety. The anxiety disorder might be the same, but the way your body responds to anxiety is different, and CBD will either boost or inhibit responses by the need of each body.

-“allosteric modulators are a group of substances that bind to a receptor to change that receptor's response to stimulus. “-

But how does CBD help anxiety and depression symptoms? Here we give you some examples of the diverse way CBD interacts with your body.

  • Amygdala. Located in the medial temporal lobe, it is one of the essential elements of the limbic system, playing a crucial role in emotion and memory. GABA (neurotransmitters) can be found in the amygdala, “The role of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA has long been regarded as central to the regulation of anxiety."When there is an imbalance of GABA, CBD can raise GABA levels in the body. CBD will assist your body in producing enough GABA to slow down or inhibit the signaling that is causing your body to have an anxiety problem.
  • Anandamide- Was the first endocannabinoid discovered, is known as the “bliss molecule” and interacts mainly with receptor CB1.  According to research CBD can inhibit fatty acid amide hydrolase, the primary enzyme responsible for its degradation, thus boosting relaxation and well-being that anandamide brings to your body.
  • Serotonin (neurotransmitter). Serotonin is used by the body to communicate between nerve cells. It can act as a mood stabilizer and influence emotions, melatonin levels, appetite, and digestion. According to healthline.com, CBD doesn't necessarily boost serotonin levels, but it may affect how your brain's chemical receptors respond to the serotonin that's already in your system. A study found that CBD's effect on these receptors in the brain produced both antidepressants and anti-anxiety effects.
  • Dopamine (neurotransmitter). Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure, motivation, and being productive. CBD can indirectly influence dopamine levels, thus helping regulate cognition, inspiration, and reward-seeking behaviors.

Furthermore, CBD is lipophilic, and having meals that can help higher amounts of CBD reach the endocannabinoid system, can help you have better results regarding your health goals.


CBD Oil for Anxiety, What to Eat to Make CBD More Effective?

When it comes to managing anxiety and using CBD oil, balance, patience, and paying attention to your body's reactions are all critical.

Anything you put on your body affects how you feel; there are various meals and drinks that, after eating, might make you feel heavy or increase your anxiety levels, like coffee. That is why a balanced diet, especially when suffering anxiety, is good to have.

There are recommended foods that may help you alleviate your symptoms.  A diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, magnesium-rich foods, and omega 3 fatty acids, along with supplementing with CBD oil, can help you reduce in a healthier way your anxiety symptoms.

It is generally known that CBD oil is best absorbed along with meals. The best is healthy in fatty acids, which can act as great binding agents for CBD and instantly transform into energy by the liver. Your body then can have the opportunity to burn fat and immediately utilize CBD oil (CBD will be less digested, allowing more amounts of CBD to reach the ECS).

Examples of food with healthy fatty acids:

  • Fish
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Sesame oil

Taking CBD oil with this meals can increase the supplement's bioavailability. The degree and pace at which CBD, in this case, is absorbed and transported into the circulation, where it can function in your body's natural endocannabinoid system.

Top 5 Foods / Drinks To Avoid if Suffering Anxiety

In addition just like there is food that helps you reduce symptoms of anxiety there are also foods and drinks that can increase or trigger the symptoms. Here we list you the top 5 foods and drinks to avoid when suffering anxiety:

  1. Coffee: When you have anxiety, your body's stress response system is already overactive. Drinking coffee adds further stimulation, making anxiety symptoms worse. Coffee also increases heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature and the release of adrenaline and cortisol. Avoiding coffee reduces stimulation and stress hormone levels, promoting a sense of calm.
  2. Refined foods, like pizza, bread, and sugar: Refined foods like pizza, bread and sugar cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. This activates the stress response, increasing anxiety. Stabilizing blood sugar by avoiding refined carbs and sugar provides the body a calm, steady supply of energy, reducing anxiety triggers.
  3. Smoking: Smoking triggers the release of adrenaline and other stress hormones that exacerbate anxiety symptoms. Nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation, but withdrawal between cigarettes increases anxiety, irritability and restlessness. Avoiding smoking provides more consistent mood stability and reduces chronic anxiety.
  4. Alcohol: A spirit beverage disrupts sleep and leads to rebound anxiety the next day. Avoiding alcohol prevents fluctuating energy and mood levels, promoting stability which helps manage anxiety.
  5. Sodas: This type of beverages contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine, both of which can exacerbate anxiety symptoms. The sugar causes spikes and crashes in blood glucose while the caffeine stimulates the fight-or-flight response. Avoiding sodas prevents these destabilizing effects, promoting steadier energy levels and reduced anxiety triggers.

Changing your diet and supplementing with CBD oil for anxiety can reduce symptoms. And knowing how fast a CBD oil for anxiety takes effect and how long the results last is also essential when deciding what kind of CBD oil you would like to integrate with your anxiety treatment.


How Fast are the Effects of CBD oil?

But how can I get rid of anxiety fast? You should know that  “higher bioavailability” is your keyword to answer this question. It is essential to provide as much bioavailability as possible when looking for a faster effect and more potential for reducing anxiety symptoms. The lower the bioavailability, the more CBD oil is required to get the same impact.

Some examples of CBD anxiety and depression products taken orally are CBD gummies, tinctures, and capsules. CBD is then recommended to be taken along with meals rich in fatty acids so that the liver will digest it much faster. The effects of oral CBD oil can be felt in about 40 min to 2 hrs.

You can also take CBD oil for anxiety sublingually. Due to the higher absorption rate (bioavailability), you can feel the effects in less than 30 min. But the flavor tends to be a bit earthy, so you might prefer to add it to your meals or drink, just remember it will go trough the digestive system taking longer for an effect. You can also fin a flavored CBD oil tincture, and find it easier sit for a few seconds under your tongue.

Nano CBD is another excellent option for a CBD oil with higher bioavailability. Nanotechnology in CBD utilizes nano emulsion after CBD has been reduced in a nano-size molecule ( 50 to 300 nm). It gives CBD a “water-soluble” property and even dispersion, along with higher bioavailability and bio activity. The effects of Nano CBD can be felt in less than 10 min.

Another good point to consider when it comes to the effects of CBD oil is the type of CBD oil; Isolate, broad or full spectrum.  CBD Isolate products offer only pure CBD, while in contrast, full-spectrum have all the cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant, along with terpenes and flavonoids. Some people suffering from anxiety can be susceptible to THC and prefer a CBD isolate product; others do consider the benefit of the “entourage effect” that a full spectrum CBD oil can give. THC has been found to reduce anxiety in small doses while increasing it in higher doses.

Our Top Picks CBD Oil Anxiety Infused Products 


1 Birch and Fog | Day Time CBD-THC Capsules 3:1 Ratio

These soft gel capsules with CBD and THC, 3:1 Ratio by Birch and Fog, are ideal for individuals with tolerance to THC. Combining these two cannabinoids is essential when seeking relief in a more specific dosage. CBD can reduce THC-prone effects of anxiety.  While still providing relief to anxiety symptoms like pain caused by muscle tension.


  • 30 mg CBD oil/ 10 mg THC per capsules
  • Minimal feeling of a buzz, three times the amount of CBD as THC
  • MCT oil
  • Precise and consistent dosage
  • No flavor and easy to swallow capsules


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to gelatin content.


  • Daytime CBD- THC capsules, with three times the amount of CBD as THC.
  • Constant and precise dosage makes it easy to keep track of your daily intake and body's reaction.
  • No earthy flavor; this makes it easy to swallow or apply sublingually for a higher bioavailability.


2 Now + Then | 4:1 Ratio Tincture

This CBD and THC, 4:1 ratio tincture by Now + Then, is ideal when looking for a more versatile product; you can sublingually add some drops for a faster effect (less than 30 min) or add to your favorite meal or drink, such as tea, smoothie or plain water.


  • 1000 mg CBD/250 mg THC in a 30 ml bottle
  • MCT oil
  • Easy to store and carry with you.


  • Not suitable for individuals highly sensitive to THC


  • THC is beneficial for reducing inflammation; CBD, in higher concentrations than THC, helps lessen anxiety symptoms induced by THC. When it comes to anxiety symptoms, CBD and THC acting together can help lessen them.


3 Kandy Kandy | Strawberry Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

It´s a great relief to receive the advantages of a full-spectrum CBD in the form of a gummy. Kandy Kandy offers this delicious package of gummies with strawberry flavor and natural colors from turmeric and hibiscus, and organic sugar . Every gummy provides 50 mg of CBD (full spectrum), ideal when you are looking for a sweet treat while keeping anxiety levels at ease.


  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Contains THC in lower dosage
  • Organic flavor
  • Organic sugar
  • Natural colors
  • Precise dosage


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians


  • No earthy flavor, only sweet, great tasting natural strawberry flavor.
  • Precise dosage, you get the same amount of CBD in every gummy, making it easy to change the dosage if needed.


Does CBD Oil Have Any Side Effects?

CBD oil is safe for consumption, but not all people react to it. Usually, people who will have adverse effects are very sensitive to any other supplements.

Before taking CBD oil, consult your doctor to know any possible side effects, especially if you are under prescription.

Some of the side effects that anecdotal and studies have shown that CBD can cause are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea

If you are suffering from anxiety, it is vital to remember that you should visit your doctor if you are on a prescription. CBD oil has been shown to interact with certain medications.

Also, with pregnancy and breastfeeding in women, it is recommended to avoid CBD oil in any form.


To Keep in Mind When Choosing CBD Oil for Anxiety

When tracking your body's reaction, having a balanced diet makes it even easier to discover how well CBD oil is working for you; all of this, together with other healthy behaviors, may give you the ability to handle anxiety better. Is recommended to avoid foods that might add to anxiety, and vice versa; to eat foods that can help you lessen anxiety symptoms.

When seeking faster relief, bioavailability is vital when supplementing with CBD oil for anxiety. Remember CBD works better with food rich in healthy oils.

Nano CBD offers higher bioavailability, it effects can be felt in less than 10 minutes. Nano CBD beverages and various CBD oil products like edibles and tinctures can be purchased in our anxiety section, and you may alternate between different CBD methods keeping in mind that going slowly and starting with modest doses is ideal.

Finally, CBD oil for anxiety can help you with chemical imbalances that are responsible for anxiety issues, along with poor sleep, also known to contribute to depression and anxiety. Acknowledging how CBD and anxiety work is crucial to better understanding your body´s reaction, key to have a better, healthier and happier days.

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