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Indica THC Gummy Blokk | Kandy Kandy

Olivia St James
March 22, 2022

Indica THC Gummy Blokk

Find the relief from chronic pain, stress, migraine, or insomnia through the relaxing effects offered naturally on each Indica gummy, with 600 mg Indica THC per package and delicious fruity flavors to choose from; watermelon, strawberry, peach, or blue raspberry.

Each Indica THC gummy offers you 75 mg of high-grade and lab-tested THC and conveniently divisible squares to adjust your dose as needed.

These Indica THC gummies are indicated for people with high tolerance to THC and want to treat high symptoms of pain, stress, insomnia, or simply looking to provide their bodies with stress-free effects.
A restorative and healthy sweet in a gummy form!

Full-body effects

This Indica THC gummy is best suited for customers seeking to benefit from its therapeutic qualities and strong calming effects, offered by the blend of THC and CBD, in each tasty gummy.


Take a break and rest your thoughts after a hard day at work, trouble sleeping or coping with chronic pain on a daily basis.

With effects lasting up to 6 to 8 hrs, and consistent and even dosage and each gummy, allow yourself to experience the soothing effects of this Indica THC gummies,  to experience your day or night in a more relaxing state.

These conveniently divisible THC gummies (up to eight) in a block form give you the advantage of beginning your dosage with a small amount and gradually increasing as desired.

Also, easy to divide gummies are a simple way to readjust your dosage; if you find your symptoms do not require the exact dosage each day,  you can adjust by dividing the blocks and taking the necessary pieces.

These Lab tested, gluten-free Indica THC gummies contain eight gummies per package and 75 mg per gummy, a total of 600 mg Indica per bag.

In addition, Kandy Kandy offers irresistible, mouth-watering, and delicious flavors to choose from Watermelon, Strawberry, Peach, or Blue Raspberry.

How to use

Once you have figured out your personal dosage, simply eat a gummy like any other candy, and enjoy the sweet yummy flavor as you swallow and wait for relaxing effects of an Indica THC gummy to be felt.
Use our dosage calculator to determine the right amount for a more reliable relief.
When starting to supplement with Indica THC gummies, consider that your gummy, before offering any effect, will go through the digestive system, where it will be broken down and travel through your bloodstream, reaching your endocannabinoid system. The effects will be felt after 40 min to 2 hrs.

Be patient with your body; you will have an effect from THC even if it´s your first time taking an Indica edible, but do wait for the recommended time before considering taking another gummy. We know sweets are very tempting, but it is better to wait to see your body´s tolerance when it comes to higher THC content.

Remember that Indica strains have a high calming, relaxing effect, not indicated for use when operating heavy machinery or driving. If you find yourself sensitive to THC in the formula, consider an alternative product like CBD full-spectrum indicated to relieve pain.

Practical Tips

Suppose you are looking for higher bioavailability; take your Indica gummy after having a good meal. In that case, the healthy oil from your food will help more amounts of cannabinoids reach your ECS (endocannabinoid system).

Indica cannabis extract is commonly known for its “night time” use; it provides you with relaxing and calmer thoughts that help you unwind at the night's end.

You can find your Indica THC gummies reliably when having insomnia and looking for a more natural approach to your sleep problem; the good part is that you can change your dosage as you find fit and convenient.

Take your gummy about an hour before going to sleep and go through night time ritual, as you feel the effects gently soothing your body and mind.

You can combine your Indica gummies with other CBD methods to help you reach the desired effects. For example, you could use topical CBD like CBD bath bombs to help you relieve sore muscles while relaxing and enjoying the aromatic essential oil.

Also, if you find it more convenient during your day, you can alternate methods to use CBD for pain. You can choose a tincture form of CBD to THC ratio to provide relief without high relaxing effects common to Indica strains.

Heads up!

We realize that sweets are tempting, but it's best to wait 40 minutes to two hours to observe how your body reacts when it comes to THC gummies.

Avoid undesired effects, place them in a safe place where only you can reach them when needed, to keep it out of reach of children, adults, and pets.

Although there are exceptions, Indica strains have a greater CBD to THC ratio than Sativa plants. Many of the therapeutic effects found in Indica THC gummies are due to the simultaneous interaction of CBD, THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes (entourage effect).
Due to THC content,  full-body high effects can be expected!
Keep in mind that THC tolerance is different for each person. Factors like weight, metabolism, and health condition influence your own tolerance and, consequently, your dose; don´t expect the same results as your friend or any other person you know.

About the Brand

Kandy Kandy a Canadian CBD firm that offers flavorful edibles created with high-quality CBD oil, from full spectrum to Isolate CBD and THC distillate.

The great selection of gummies by Kandy Kandy are an excellent choice that offers you relief from pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and more.

With the best shelf-stable gummies on the market and high-quality ingredients, you can choose from different flavors and potency, ideal when looking to experience real time relief and sweetness in a simple and convenient form.

In safety top bottles or sealable bags, each gummy preserves its quality form and fruity flavor for a longer period when compared to other gummies. Its suitable packaging makes it easy to carry with you and take the desired amount in the moments you need the most.

Please keep in mind that full-spectrum CBD oil contains a trace amount of THC, so new users may experience some psychoactive effects.

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