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Is CBD Chocolate Good for Anxiety?

Olivia St James
December 21, 2021

Anxiety is a term used to describe how people feel when their sense of control is lost. Thoughts of constant worry invade them, making them feel in danger, and frightened, along with other symptoms that feel out of proportion.

When diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, treatment is followed, and usually but not always, medication is prescribed.

Some individuals suffering from an anxiety disorder are now reaching to CBD oil to provide relief and approach their treatment more naturally.

When it comes to CBD edibles, many wonder if CBD chocolate is good for anxiety. The combination of CBD and chocolate may offer particular anti-anxiety benefits. We can better understand the potential of CBD chocolate for anxiety relief by investigating how the effects of CBD and chocolate complement each other, lets take a look!.

What is Anxiety?

Lets begin by understanding that the feeling of anxiety is a natural and biological function that arises when your body responds to stress, a sense of danger, or unexpected circumstances.

Anxiety helps us stay alert and aware, but it seems and feels overwhelming for individuals suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when your fight and flight functions fail, its function becomes excessive:

  • you feel highly overwhelmed
  • constant worry
  • panic attacks
  • rapid breathing
  • cold or sweaty outbreaks
  • trouble concentrating
  • sleep issues
  • tense muscles

There are other symptoms that can be felt but there are more specific to the type of disorder an individual might experience, some examples of anxiety disorders include: social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias.

Why CBD Chocolate is Good for Anxiety?

When CBD and chocolate are combined, it provides a broader range of benefits, this due not only to CBD but also to Chocolate itself.

Chocolate is known for its mood-enhancing antioxidants, and in combination with CBD in an edible form may provide more expansive benefits for anxiety relief.

According to studies, CBD has proven to be beneficial for anxiety due to its anxiolitic effects. Here we have listed some of the most recognized benefits demonstrating why is CBD Chocolate good for anxiety relief:

  • Can influence serotonin levels. A precise dosage of CBD chocolate might help you reduce your adrenaline levels triggered by an anxiety attack.
  • CBD chocolate provides antioxidants and flavonoids, which help with blood circulation. It can help you maintain a healthy heart rate and breathing pattern that usually increases when anxiety is triggered.
  • Chocolate also contains anandamide, a cannabinoid that our body naturally produces to help you regulate several functions along with a bliss feeling that is so popularly known for.
  • CBD helps to slow down the breakdown of anandamide also found in the body, providing a more prolonged feeling of relaxation.
  • Depression and anxiety have been shown to go hand in hand. Phenylethylamine (PEA), a unique chemical present in chocolate, is thought to aid depression and positively affect mood.


Best CBD Chocolate for Anxiety

In addition to CBD, chocolate contains other important compounds like anandamide that play a role in anxiety relief. Anandamide is produced naturally by the body and is known as the "bliss molecule" due to its stress-reducing effects. Everyone has fluctuating anandamide levels throughout the day that impact mood. Low levels may make you more prone to anxiety or depression.

Proper functioning of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) relies on compounds like anandamide to create feelings of calmness by inhibiting overactivity in the brain.  Research  shows that inhibiting the enzyme FAAH, which breaks down anandamide, may be an effective approach for anxiety disorders.

CBD oil can prevent the breakdown of anandamide, allowing it to remain active longer. The anandamide naturally present in chocolate may also help replenish levels. This makes the combination in CBD chocolate uniquely equipped to potentially provide longer-lasting anxiety relief by targeting ECS deficiencies.

For these reasons, the best CBD chocolate contains dark chocolate high in anandamide content. There are also organic, vegan, and milk chocolate CBD options to suit different preferences while still harnessing CBD and chocolate's synergistic anxiety-calming properties.


THC and CBD Chocolate for Anxiety Relief

THC chocolate can offer anxiety relief, especially when anxiety manifests with other symptoms like muscle pain or inflammation requiring strong anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD chocolate contains different types of CBD oil, including isolate, broad spectrum, or full spectrum formulations in varying concentrations.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains 0.3% THC along with other compounds like cannabinoids, terpeness, flavonoids that  in combination with THC can provide anxiety relief. Also chocolate with CBD to THC ratios can be purchase, this type are great for individuals looking for stronger relieve.

Some people could be sensitive to THC even in low amounts. In that case, a THC-free CBD isolate chocolate would be optimal.

When purchasing CBD or THC infused chocolate, check the label for the strength of CBD or ratio of CBD to THC. This information will help determine if the levels of CBD and THC in the chocolate bar match your needs.

For those using THC chocolate to relieve anxiety, it's best to establish your tolerance first since high THC doses can exacerbate anxiety. Start with a low THC chocolate dosage and gradually increase once you become accustomed to the effects.

It's wise to consult a doctor before using any CBD or THC infused chocolate, especially when taking other medications for anxiety.

Our Top CBD Chocolate For Anxiety Relief

1 Chocolit | Vegan CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark chocolate is considered a superfood, and with this in mind, Chocolit has created a delicious blend that suits Vegan dietary needs, making it cruelty-free and infused with full premium spectrum CBD oil, offering broad benefits that can ease symptoms of anxiety.

Also, their chocolate is ethically sourced, and each bar is made with simple, whole ingredients, making it the best CBD chocolate bar for anxiety!


  • Premium Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • 500 mg CBD strength
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Vegan
  • Ethically sourced


  • Not suitable for people sensitive to THC


  • A top Vegan CBD Dark chocolate with full premium spectrum CBD oil. With convenient 24 bite pieces for easy dosing.

2 Faded Edibles | CBD Hot Chocolate

Faded Edibles offers a CBD Marshmallow Hot Chocolate product that softly melts in hot milk or water for all chocolate lovers. This chocolate-coated marshmallow is a wonderful way to get your THC-free 50 mg CBD fix while decreasing your levels of anxiety.

Each container includes two servings; it is advised that you wait around 2 hours for the effects to kick in, and if the results aren't what you expected, you can serve another cup of hot chocolate.


  • CBD Isolate
  • Is rich in Cocoa, which naturally contains dopamine, antioxidants, and other rich nutrients.
  • Contains Guar Gum, known to assist in digestion, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.
  • THC free


  • Not suitable for vegetarians or vegan
  • Not suitable for people avoiding sugars


  • A simple hot chocolate to make and enjoy while reaping the advantages of CBD.
  • As a beverage, it takes between 40 and 2 hours to feel the effects; however, this varies from person to person.
  • When you need a warm beverage to relieve your anxiety, discomfort, or tension, this CBD hot chocolate is a great option.

3 Sweet Jane | CBD Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

With two cups per package, this CBD chocolate offers no THC and is suitable for consumers who simply want to benefit from CBD oil. It is easy to enjoy, while it helps your health by easing stress or muscular tension, common in anxiety disorders.


  • Only CBD oil
  • Classic enjoyable ingredient of a peanut butter cup
  • Package contains 2 cups
  • 200 mg of CBD per peanut butter cup


  • Not suitable for people allergic to peanuts


  • Sweet Jane Edibles is a well-known Canadian firm that thoroughly decarboxylates its oil, devoid of any solvents or chemicals.


CBD chocolate can alleviate anxiety symptoms by stimulating mood receptors, boosting serotonin, and delaying anandamide breakdown. Chocolate also contains theobromine, which has effects comparable to caffeine but is much milder.

THC can also positively impact when eaten in moderate doses, as it reduces inflammation, which is considered another factor for anxiety.

It is critical to keep your CBD chocolate or other consumables out of the reach of youngsters or other adults. Also, expecting moms are not advised to ingest any CBD extracts because there is insufficient research to determine if CBD is safe for pregnant women.

Furthermore, begin with a modest dose when starting with CBD chocolate and observe how your body reacts so on the long run you can have a very accurate measure of your dosage.

Finally, don´t forget to check our dosage calculator for an easy way to get your numbers. It is essential to keep track of your dose and its effects because you are unique and your demands might fluctuate, even from day to day, owing to external variables, especially when different factors trigger anxiety symptoms.

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