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Is CBD Gummies Vegan?

Olivia St James
January 3, 2022

Canada cities like Vancouver and Toronto, where CBD is becoming part of a more therapeutic approach, the vegan community has also embraced CBD as a more natural and clean way to supplement and ease discomforts like pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

Are CBD gummies vegan?

People who follow a vegan diet feel thankful when a classic sweet like CBD vegan chocolate is accessible. They also feel good when it is easy to buy vegan CBD capsules or vegan CBD protein powder without going through the hustle of looking into many products.  Having the accessibility to start or continue supplementing with CBD more easily without worrying about the ingredients is what vegan people look forward to when buying CBD products.

Vegan CBD edibles are indeed a top choice for many individuals seeking relief. Let’s see the advantages they have to offer and in particular, let's take a look at vegan CBD gummies Canada.


What are Vegan CBD Gummies made of?

Traditional gummies infused with CBD usually contain gelatin made from collagen from animal-derived parts like skin, bones, tendons, and other tissues and boiled down to this transparent, colorless food ingredient. Knowing this, you understand why traditional CBD gummies are unfit for a vegan diet.

As a result, pectin, a type of starch found in fruits and vegetables, is commonly used in vegan gummies. Pectin is naturally generated in the walls of fruits and vegetables, like oranges, lemons, limes, and more.

Furthermore, pectin also offers benefits to your body. As shared by healthline.com, pectin has been shown to aid in the health of the digestive system. Pectin can help gut bacterial health, reducing inflammation and improving gastrointestinal symptoms.

Also, another viable option for a vegan CBD gummy is, according to Confectionerynews.com, Acid-modified corn starch, which also acts as a gelling agent and is excellent for making vegan gummies.

Thanks to vegan standards of clean and healthy ingredients in vegan label products. CBD companies also look for more natural additives for vegan CBD edibles; it is popular to find gummies with organic sugar, natural colors derived from fruits or plants, and fewer artificial flavors.

Other examples of CBD edibles where you can find healthier and all vegan derived ingredients are in CBD vegan chocolate, vegan CBD protein powder, or handy to buy vegan CBD capsules.

Don't forget to check our great selection of vegan CBD-infused goods!

What advantages do Vegan CBD gummies offer?

When searching “vegan CBD gummies Canada” or “vegan CBD edibles Canada, “ you might find many results from various sources; indeed, knowing CBD’s benefits and available forms and types can help you positively approach your health concerns.

Vegan CBD gummies are a fruity and juicy way to begin your daily dose of CBD.  These infused candies with CBD oil take the not-so-pleasant flavor of CBD away. They offer precise and consistent dosage, and after passing the digestive system, you can feel CBD gummies' effects last for around 6 hrs or more.

In addition, vegan CBD gummies will offer more natural and healthier ingredients. Some will even offer a low percentage of sugar, ideal for people looking to reduce their sugar intake but find gummies irresistible.

CBD gummies are also available in different strengths, usually starting with 10 mg of CBD per gummy considered a low dosage from prevalent anecdotal evidence.

You can buy vegan gummies infused with CBD oil from isolate to full spectrum. A CBD isolate means that the only cannabinoid present is CBD. In contrast, full-spectrum CBD oil has all cannabinoids like THC, CBN, CBG, and more, present in less percentage, and they can potentially offer the benefit of the “entourage effect.” There is also a broad spectrum CBD oil; in this case, THC is not present in the oil, but all the other cannabinoids are.

In addition, there is also a wide selection of cannabis-infused vegan gummies: Sativa, Indica, or hybrid, recommended to individuals with a high tolerance of THC.


What are CBD oil benefits?

Edibles like CBD vegan chocolate and CBD gummies are popular CBD oil products and can be easily purchased online.

You can also buy vegan CBD capsules if you are looking for a more clean and easy supplement.

People use CBD oil to approach health concerns: such as pain, anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders, and more.

CBD is a cannabinoid found in abundance in the hemp plant. And when taken in any form, it provides benefits to your well-being.

When CBD  interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate neurotransmitters, influences how long enzymes can work, or modifies how the receptors interact with other cannabinoids like THC. This particular cannabinoid is found in a full spectrum CBD oil, and interacts with CB 1 receptors, found abundantly in the brain area.

THC has been shown to positively aid in pain-related symptoms, sleep disorders, depression, and other mental neuro-degenerative diseases. Some research has shown that even if there is  THC in a CBD oil formula, CBD can help counteract the anxiety side effect that is sometimes felt when taking THC and can be more beneficial when more cannabinoids are present.

Our Top 5 Vegan CBD Gummies Canada

1 Yummy Vegan Gummy | Sour CBD Gummies

This tasty vegan gummy is a fantastic choice for anybody in the vegan community who wants to try CBD in a more yummy form.

Yummy Vegan Gummy offers goods that are GMO-free and vegan friendly. Gluten-free and available in a broad range of delicious flavors.
Yummy Vegan Gummy is an exclusive line of vegan edibles on sale by Birch and Fog 

  • CBD Isolate
  • THC free
  • Natural plant-based colors
  • GMO-free
  • Gluten-free


  •  Individuals in need of higher doses of CBD might find it unsuitable for them.


  • These vegan CBD gummies Canada-made, are exclusive to Birch and Fog, and offer a fantastic variety of flavors, all providing consistent dosage in 2 available strengths: 100 mg and 200 mg.

2 Kandy Kandy | Sativa THC Gummy Blokk

Kandy Kandy offers lab-tested and gluten-free block gummies, with even THC oil for precise dosage and four juicy flavors to choose from watermelon, strawberry, peach, or blue raspberry.


  • Sativa THC
  • Lab-tested
  • Gluten-free
  • Made from pectin


  • Not suitable for people sensitive to THC


  • For experienced cannabis consumers or acute pain-related symptoms.

3 Yummy Vegan Gummy | Lemonade CBD Gummies

This lemonade juicy flavor CBD infused gummies are part of an exclusive line of gummies for Birch and Fog and are just the right sweet you need for those moments of relief.

Yummy Vegan Gummy is all vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, infused with CBD isolate, and offers a variety of flavors and colors from natural fruits.


  • Premium CBD Isolate
  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Plant-based colors


  • Might not be suitable if looking to benefit from the “entourage effect.”


  • Made from Pectin and natural colors from fruits and plants:  Turmeric, black currant, black carrot.
  • Yummy Vegan Gummy brand is vegan infused CBD edibles Canada sold and exclusive to Birch and Fog.

4 Mota | Sativa Vegan THC Gummies Far Out Fruit

Made from pectin and natural colors and flavors, these vegan THC gummies are ideal for high-dose consumers and easy to divide if you want to try a small dosage.

These gummies are vegan-friendly and ideal sweet to ease chronic ailments.


  • Full-spectrum THC
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free


  • Might not be suitable for people sensitive to high doses of THC.


  • With 120 mg THC and 30 mg CBD strength.

5 Faded Edibles |Strawberry Daze Vegan THC Gummies

With sweet and delicious strawberry flavor, Faded Edibles offer these vegan THC gummies with 30 mg of THC per gummy for you to enjoy and ease any discomfort from your body away.

Made from corn starch and natural and artificial flavors and colors, this shaped like strawberry gummies come in a convenient package with six pieces.


  • Cannabis THC extract
  • Made from corn starch
  • Six pieces of delicious strawberry shaped gummies


  • Some individuals might find the content too high for their daily dosage.
  • Some individuals prefer vegan CBD gummies.


  • Faded edibles offer a variety of flavors and different strengths of THC gummies that can help you ease health issues like stress, sleep disorders, and other chronic ailments


Vegan CBD gummies and other forms of edibles like CBD vegan chocolate are very appealing; reason one should keep them away from children’s reach and other adults.

In Birch and Fog, in addition to vegan CBD gummies, you can also buy vegan CBD capsules, tinctures, and other appealing CBD edibles. Our intuitive and easy to choose from our various products, is just a click away; each tab is cleverly labeled to help you select the option that interests you the most.

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