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Is it Safe to Drive After Vaping CBD Oil?

Lexie Livingston
December 3, 2021

A lot of pharmaceutical medications caution against driving or operating heavy machinery while taking them. Supplements often come with the same warnings. Just about everyone is familiar with the psychoactive effects of THC and are aware of the risks involved with driving after taking it.

However, due to the close relationship between THC and CBD, people can be confused about the safety of driving after taking/vaping CBD oil. The most common concerns about vaping CBD oil and driving revolve around whether CBD could have any potential psychoactive qualities that might hinder their driving or cause it to be illegal. Keep reading and we’ll get into the details of CBD vape oil Canada and driving!


How is Vaping CBD Oil Different From THC?

The distinction between CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is not usually fully understood, which leads to confusion. CBD and THC are both derived from cannabis plants, but the similarities end there. THC is the chemical that causes euphoria when marijuana is smoked. While cannabis with a high concentration of CBD may be smoked for its euphoric effects, CBD has no psychoactive properties of its own. Instead, the majority of its advantages are centered around lowering anxiety and pain.

This is one of the main reasons why such products are growing in popularity, with vaping becoming one of the most common methods. Because of its natural origin (the hemp plant) and relaxing properties, it is frequently seen as a better alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatments. However, there is a clear distinction between calming and producing sleepiness. The latter should be avoided on the roads at all costs. While CBD has been known to promote sleepiness (among other things), this is dependent upon many factors specific to each person.

For a simple guide comparing CBD to THC, click here.


Avoid Vaping THC Before Driving

Because some CBD vape juice products include trace quantities of THC, it's always a good idea to read the label and contact your supplier if you're not sure. THC concentrations in CBD vape products are typically limited to 0.3% by law for full-spectrum CBD oil. This low content renders the product incapable of providing the kind of mind-altering high that could put you in danger while driving.

THC will show up on a drug test, however, CBD will not. This is important to remember if you're thinking about driving after vaping. A good precautionary measure is to vape only CBD products that are certified to be THC-free, such as a CBD isolate product. For a detailed study on driving impairment after THC and CBD, click here.


Can CBD Impair Driving in Other Ways?

It is important to take into consideration that vaping CBD oil may have minor side effects on some people. It is always recommended to try out your CBD vape pen without any prior obligations to determine how it will affect you before driving after vaping.

Some users, for example, report sleepiness as a side effect, which can be extremely dangerous when driving. Other CBD users may experience headaches. If this is a frequent occurrence, you may want to think twice about vaping CBD and then driving. A headache may certainly be distracting and unpleasant. This isn't something you want to experience while attempting to go through rush-hour traffic.

This can be seen as somewhat of common sense criteria for driving. For example, driving while feeling sluggish or off isn't a good idea, whether you've been vaping or not. If you think driving after vaping CBD may be risky due to your individual response to CBD, it may be best to postpone vaping until you do not have to drive.


A Good Balance is Key

It's worth taking the benefits of CBD vape oil Canada into consideration once you've formed your relationship with it. In what kinds of scenarios do you think these advantages will be most useful? If you don't suffer any negative side effects, you may discover that vaping before driving is beneficial for you.

For example, maybe you have persistent back discomfort that flares up while you're driving. If you have discovered that using CBD vape juice relieves your discomfort while keeping you awake, this may be a moment when having the choice to vape before driving may be useful.

Assume you discovered that CBD vape Canada significantly lowered your anxiety and that you were not drowsy as a result of using it. Being able to relax and focus while driving would be beneficial especially if driving typically causes you stress. Vaping CBD oil has shown to have the potential to alleviate tension and jitteriness when driving. To utilize CBD in a beneficial and responsible way, you must first understand how it works specifically with your unique body chemistry.


Finding the Best CBD Vape Oil Canada

Finding a high-quality vape product can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the CBD world. Fortunately, Birch + Fog’s online store is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs, whether you need a CBD vape pen or vape juice. Third-party testing has been completed on each product and is readily available for customers to view. Every single product comes with the Birch + Fog guarantee. To shop the entire vape collection, click here.


Birch + Fog's Top CBD Vape Canada Products


1 Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge | Now + Then

If you’re looking for the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil in Canada, you need to check out Now + Then. Their CBD oil has been CO2 extracted, preserving all the good stuff: the natural cannabis terpene profile, flavonoids, CBD, CBN, and a small amount of THC. Containing a small amount of THC, you’ll receive intense relief through the entourage effect.

Each glass tank of CBD vape juice contains 500mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, and that's it! No other ingredients! You’ll receive prompt relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms, all while providing a sense of tranquility and peace.


  • Intense relief through entourage effect
  • 500mg CBD with small amounts of THC


  • Glass tank is breakable


  • Pure product with only 1 ingredient: premium CBD extract
  • Preserved terpene profile


2 TRANQUIL CBD Cartridge | Cannalier

Cannalier’s Tranquil cartridge is a customer favorite for CBD vape Canada. This one contains premium quality full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes that have been water extracted from the highest quality plant sources. Each cartridge contains 500mg of CBD combined with carefully selected terpenes that help with stress, anxiety, and focus. There are only two simple ingredients, full-spectrum CBD oil and terpenes.

Cannalier also offers three other varieties, each with their own unique terpenes: Sleep, Alleviate, & Vitality. These cartridges have been through rigorous product testing, which perfected the design so that there are no chances of failure or leaks.


  • No failure or leakage possibility
  • Customer favorite
  • Rigorous product testing


  • CBD vape pen not included


  • Terpenes selected for their role in helping combat stress & anxiety
  • Water extraction


3 CBD Vape Cartridges | Kloud 9

If you’re still concerned about the effects of THC in a full-spectrum CBD oil, this CBD vape Canada product is right up your alley. Kloud 9 offers CBD vape cartridges made with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil. This means that you’ll experience all the goodness from the entourage effect, just with very small amounts of THC. The ingredient list includes lab tested distillate/extracts. Nothing else!

These vape cartridges are made from CBD distillate and come in three variations: relax, awake, and sleep.


  • Lab tested distillate/extracts
  • Relax, Awake, & Sleep products


  • Vape pen sold separately


  • High-quality broad spectrum
  • Entourage effect with no risk of psychoactivity


Final Thoughts

CBD is non-psychoactive, which means that you can generally drive after using it. However, you should always be conscious of how it personally affects you, as CBD can have a variety of effects based upon your own body chemistry. If you want to play it safe, choose a CBD vape Canada product with no THC or minimal THC levels. Always purchase your CBD from stores that have positive feedback, a good reputation, honesty regarding their products and operations in a company policy, and publicly available third-party lab results.

You are responsible for your own fitness to drive, so always be aware of how you feel before getting behind the wheel. Don't drive if you are experiencing any negative effects from CBD, a coffee, an over-the-counter cold and flu medicine, or even just tired from not getting any sleep.

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