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Best CBD For Sleep Guide - Everything You Should Know in 2024

Olivia St James
June 11, 2022

Short-term insomnia affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Without a doubt, your sleep quality can deteriorate due to many factors such as stress or anxiety, pain or depression, all this leaving you exhausted and unable to accomplish your regular duties with vigor the next day.

Sleep is essential for good health that many people who suffer from a sleep disorder look forward to more natural treatments, like therapy and herbal supplements as alternatives to pharmaceutical pills (that might offer more complications than long-term solutions).

Our Beginner´s Guide for Sleep section helps clear doubts when approaching more natural alternatives like CBD or Cannabis to help you have a better night's rest. Furthermore, if you find yourself still looking for the right product for you, in our list of best CBD and Cannabis sleep aids, you can find brands that we highly recommend and can be of great interest to you.


Why Sleep Matters ?

Sleep is essential for physical and mental health and, more recently, is considered the foundation for a healthier life.

Sleep is so crucial that, contrary to what one might believe, it is during sleep that our brain activity is much higher. During sleep, the body goes through many processes of restoration.

A good night's rest can help your body with:

  • Memory formation
  • Improve learning skills
  • Healthier immune system
  • Help with growth
  • Help muscles recover from work activity
  • Promote emotional well being
  • Help the nervous system work properly
  • Eliminate metabolic waste

Through the different cycles of sleep ( 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM), the body and all-important systems get the opportunity to repair and even get rid of accumulated by-products from cellular functions.

Simply put, sleep is necessary for survival and should not be considered a commodity.

What Can Cause Sleep Deprivation?

The amount of sleep a person needs is influenced by different neurotransmitter signals in the brain.

Also, the person's age will determine the amount they need to have a night of quality sleep. For example, a child will sleep more extended hours than an adult, around 10 to 13 hrs between the ages of 3 and 5 this due to his growing needs.

In addition, going through all the sleep cycles is key to good sleep quality. If you have not slept at all, or your sleep cycles have been interrupted, there will be what is popularly known as “sleep debt.” Your body eventually will demand payment; some examples of “debt” can be felt as headaches, mood swings, less ability to focus, excessive tiredness, and slow response time.

But what can cause sleep problems? Sleep disorders are "conditions that impair sleep quality, timing, or duration influencing a person's capacity to function normally when awake."

Several sleep disorders have been recognized, with the following being the most researched online:

  • Chronic Insomnia
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  • REM Sleep Behaviour disorder
  • Sleep Bruxism
  • Excessive Sleepiness
  • Shift Work disorder

Some of these disorders may be indicators of underlying mental health concerns, while others may contribute to other medical problems.

There are also other factors like food and medications that can cause an unbalance in your sleep cycles. For example, caffeine, alcohol, and medications like antidepressants can suppress REM cycle. In addition, poor sleep hygiene, like watching TV in your bedroom, being on your phone in bed, or having bright lights in your room, can cause a restless night.

According to studies, the blue light generated by cell phone screens suppresses the generation of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm). When melatonin is suppressed, falling asleep and waking up the next day is much more difficult.

Furthermore, health disorders such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and arthritis can rob you of restorative sleep phases, leaving you restless and with less energy to carry out your daily tasks.

The Effects of CBD and THC on Sleep

Natural alternatives with fewer side effects are an excellent sleep aid option. CBD and THC from hemp and other cannabis plants have proven to help the body relax, soothe muscle aches, reduce anxiety, and help with chronic pain.


CBD´s great benefit to help with health issues like anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, and more has made CBD oil a top natural alternative to help people sleep better.

There are three types of CBD oil that you can choose from depending on your health condition and the results you require:

  • Full-spectrum oil. In this type of oil, all-natural components, including THC (in less amount), are present in the formula.

A full-spectrum CBD oil gives you the advantage of the “entourage effect” this effect is when the presence of all components of the plant work together, offering more benefits.

  • Broad-spectrum oil. This oil will also have all the plant's naturally existing terpenes and flavonoids, except for the cannabinoid THC.

Individuals who find themselves sensitive to THC but would like to benefit from terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids will choose a broad spectrum CBD oil.

  • Isolate oil. This type of tincture will solely have CBD, and no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids.

Isolate CBD oil is a great choice when beginning your journey to a better night's rest.

Furthermore, synthetic melatonin supplements have become popular for helping people with insomnia.

CBD and melatonin capsules are also a combination that people have found helpful to help them stay asleep. Because the effects of melatonin aren't entirely understood, it's vital to see your doctor before taking it if you have an auto-immune condition or are taking medications for depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) and Phoenix Tears RSO (Rick Simpson Oil)

It is important to note that these two types of extractions are marijuana plant-derived and the purest extraction you can find. They will have all phytochemicals, including THC and CBD, thus having more potent effects.

Both oils, FECO and Phoenix Tears ( RSO) are considered the same type of oil, but some might argue that they are different due to the solvent used for their extractions. Both have a high concentration of THC and thick, dark-looking characteristics, and they are often sold in syringes for easier dosing.

This Cannabis oil extracts might not directly influence sleep but are highly recommended by people with chronic pain due to their potent effects.

Chronic pain can be derived from different ailments that highly affect sleep quality. In addition, Phoenix Tears is also beneficial for people with depression, asthma, arthritis, and inflammation. As reported by his creator Rick Simpson, it positively impacts skin cancer.

Phoenix Tears and FECO are typically safe to consume; however, because they provide euphoric effects, they may not be ideal for everyone.

Indica Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis offers different strains, Indica being the best choice for better sleep. A characteristic that makes Indica oil an excellent option for sleep is its sedating effect.

Indica Oil promotes relaxation, soothes muscle aches, and helps calm anxious thoughts. In the form of oil, Indica strain offers a convenient way to get more effective and faster relief.

Indica is also famous for helping relieve pain; its calming effects can promote better sleep quality.

Many people take Indica oil as a pill or an oil tincture. Individuals claim that taking the supplement as a pill helps them get through their bedtime routine before feeling the benefits. It's beneficial in tincture form when an immediate effect (less than 30 minutes) is required, such as when there is intolerable pain.

It is important to visit your doctor if you suspect you suffer from a sleep disorder; cannabis products for sleep aid are not suitable for all sleep disorders. Also, if you suffer from other health conditions and are under prescription, it is vital you speak with your doctor about CBD and THC products for sleep as a natural therapeutic option.

How to Start Using CBD or Cannabis Sleep Products?

There is no standard dose in the cannabis industry, but you can find general guidelines on dosage for CBD and THC.

When it comes to figuring out the right dosage for you, it's best to base it on your body weight: "Take 1 to 6 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight." In order to achieve better outcomes, consider aspects such as your health issue, metabolism, and time of day.

You might find our post of great interest, check it out! Is it OK to take CBD oil every night? 

For example, in the case of sleep issues caused by anxiety and stress, individuals typically find better results from moderate to high. Additionally, some have reported that supplementing throughout the day allows them to have a calmer and less anxious day, allowing them to sleep better at night.

Because CBD has a unique effect on various people, it's best to start with a modest amount while using it for the first time and gradually increase it. Some people take one dosage daily, and when they feel it is necessary, they take two or even three.

Examining CBD product's potency is also key to finding the best dosage; if you're starting with a small dose, a low-potency CBD product is best, to begin with, and if required, you may switch to a higher-potency CBD product.

Here you can use our dosage calculator to find a recommended dosage based on your weight and health issue.

Choosing a Ratio Tincture can also be highly beneficial for taking both cannabinoids CBD and THC.

1:1 ratio. THC and CBD are in equal proportions in this ratio tincture. If you're familiar with THC, you could find that this ratio tincture is more beneficial for pain relief.

4:1 ratio. This ratio tincture may be regarded as a more balanced product because it contains more CBD than THC; psychoactive effects are still there but are less intense.

10:1 ratio. A tincture with more CBD content and little THC euphoric effects can help relieve tension and calm the body, allowing you to sleep better.

When taking Phoenix tears, the standard advice for dosage is to consume a rice-sized quantity; nevertheless, because of this oil's strong potency, you should exercise caution.

Also is recommended to take phoenix tears sublingually for an immediate effect, or you may put it in a piece of chocolate or sweet treat. Because Phoenix Tear oil has a bitter flavor, it's easier to swallow. If you have a skin condition, you can also use it topically.

It is suggested that you wait four hours before taking another dose. Ingesting cannabis on an empty stomach is likewise not a good idea. When you eat before you take your cannabis dose, you'll experience a more balanced and consistent effect.

Cannabis oils, at the correct dose, can aid with sleep issues directly or indirectly, decreasing the time it takes for the user to fall asleep and stay asleep. In addition, Cannabis is a natural medicine, making it an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical sleeping pills.

CBD/ THC for Sleep Forms Available

The wide varieties of CBD and Cannabis oil products have risen in tandem with the CBD business. CBD and Cannabis are now more widely available in tincture form, but they are also sold in more pleasant products like sweets and beverages.

Each different form can help CBD and THC dosing easier, more effective, and more enjoyable, depending on the individual's preference.

Here we list the most popular CBD for sleep and THC forms available in our store and brands that can be of your interest.

TINCTURES. Dosing is significantly easier with cannabis extracts like tincture oils. A tincture makes it easy to add a few drops to food like salads, smoothies, or sweet treats and take your dose in an edible form. Taking it sublingually for speedier delivery is the most common supplement method; you can experience the effects in less than 30 minutes.

Birch + Fog Sleep aid tincture is among the favorites for helping provide the relief necessary for better sleep.

CAPSULES. Taking cannabis as capsules allows consumers to carry and use them when needed. They offer discretion and a more precise way to take cannabis oil in pre-measured amounts.

Now + Then formulates great capsules with various strengths and cannabis oils, from CBD + THC Indica ratio capsules to phoenix tears capsules.

EDIBLES. A great blend of ingredients can be found in edibles, making them ideal for a sweet cannabis dosage. When eaten, they can take around 40 min to 2 hrs to have an effect; cannabis gummies and chocolate are the top edible choice for many individuals.

CBD and THC brands like Yummy Vegan Gummy offer amazing gummies. This particular brand ensures its products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

BEVERAGES. Refreshing Cannabis drinks are indeed a fantastic choice when looking to hydrate and take your daily CBD or THC dose. With nanotechnology, Now + Then designs popular flavor beverages.

Nanotechnology offers the advantage of higher bioavailability, meaning that more CBD or THC will reach your system, offering more for less.

TOPICAL. Your skin can also benefit from cannabis formulations like bath salts, balm sticks, or stress relief rollers. Topicals are easy to apply, and your skin absorbs it feeling the effects in around 15 minutes.

The brand Ritual creates soothing bath bombs that you can incorporate into your every night bath ritual, with different options that you can choose from.

VAPE CARTRIDGES. Cannabis vape pens have the highest bioavailability, giving faster effects. It is excellent for individuals who want prompt treatment for pain relief.

A vape cartridge is a pre-filled glass container containing cannabis oil ready to be inserted into a cannabis vape pen. In addition, a vape cartridge maintains the oil's potency and preservation for more time than cannabis flowers.
*Please note inhaling cannabis in one of the fastest way of feeling its effects , and can cause lung irritation no matter your age.
CBD and Cannabis oils have potential side effects. Please visit your medical expert that is familiar with your condition and health history, helping you understand the effects of Cannabis and if it interferes with any medication that you might be currently taking.

Best CBD and Cannabis Sleep Aids

The CBD and Cannabis items listed below are just a few of the excellent sleep aids that we currently have in stock!

1 Birch + Fog |CBD/THC Capsules 3:1 Ratio Night Time

These ratio capsules by Birch + Fog offer a combination of CBD and Indica THC oil.

With a soothing effect, these capsules will provide the relief needed for a better night's rest, offering a unique blend of high-quality oils and MCT oil.

Our 3:1 ratio capsules are designed for night time and are perfect if looking for an accurate dosage every time. Soft gel capsules are easy to swallow, making them ideal for avoiding an earthy flavor familiar with cannabis products.

In addition, our brand signature, Birch + Fog, ensures the best experience for our customers by offering quality cannabis oils that meet high standards that are verified periodically.

2 Birch + Fog | Full Spectrum CBD Tincture | Night time

Designed for Nighttime use, our Full-Spectrum Tinctures contain all natural hemp-derived and CO2 extracted CBD.

Commonly used for:

aiding in sleep
fighting inflammation
recovery or regeneration of the nervous system

3 Kandy Kandy | Indica THC Gummy Blokk

Kandy Kandy

Total Indica THC: 600 mg
Dosage: 75 mg per gummy
Contains: 8 gummies per package
Gluten free & Lab tested

Common Uses: Therapeutic qualities for Insomnia, stress, pain and migraine.

Suggested Usage: Take advantage of the simple and convenient divisible dosage (up to eight pieces) and begin with a one portion of a THC gummy

4 Kandy Kandy | Orange High Dose Phoenix Tears Gummies

Kandy Kandy gummies are blended with phoenix tears oil, making them excellent high-dose gummies for severe pain like arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and more.

With rich orange flavor, natural ingredients, and high-quality oil, these square-shaped gummies are assorted in a convenient plastic jar for easy storage and better preservation.

Phoenix tears in the form of gummies are easy to dose and divide into small pieces when beginning with a small dosage.

Due to their potent characteristics, 900 mg per bottle, phoenix tear gummies are highly recommended for experienced users.

As a natural option, Phoenix tears can help indirectly with sleep issues by offering the alleviation needed for a restful night sleep.

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