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Staff Vape Picks

Sarah Lightfoot
November 17, 2021

Staff Picks for Vapes


CBD oil and THC Vape products have become extremely popular with the recent passing of the Canadian Cannabis Act in 2018. This made both hemp and marijuana legal for medical and recreational purposes for adults 19 years of age and older (18 in Alberta and Quebec). This paved the way for CBD oil and THC vape products to be socially accepted as a natural health product and recognized for their various health mood and recreational benefits.

During my time here at Birch and Fog, the staff are constantly doing unboxings for photoshoots, and staff trials for new products we are considering carrying and new flavors and internal opinions staff vape picks and marketing research. We need to know these products literally inside out, from the safety sheets, to the full lab results, to the flavor, aftertaste, effects, onset, every aspect of these products must be known and understood so we can blog about them, and create accurate informative product descriptions and recommendations.

From all of these experiences and endless sampling, each of us who writes for this site has our own personal favorites and go-to products which we use ourselves. From our own personal experience we would like to share some of our personal preferences and the reasons why we selected these products from hundreds as the top products of this category. What follows is my own opinion, and not the opinion of anyone else, or the brand itself.

Top Staff Picks for Vapes


1 Now + Then

Birch and Fog caries a relatively new brand called Now + Then, which is a sister brand of Birch and Fog. This brand was created specifically to fill a niche market where either there was no reliable manufacturer or they thought that they could do better than what is currently on the market. The resulting product line is quite amazing, and Im able to keep switching things up from week to week. As any seasoned vaper knows, if you continuously vape the exact same product or flavor, it seems to loose that initial whatever it was that drew you to it in the first place.

For this reason, I recommend finding a few different cartridges you like, and every few days change,  and this way all your favorites stay fresh to you. However.. there is one of my favorites that I bought a special pen just for this cartridge, the Now + Then honey oil cartridge. I use it personally as motivator, mood enhancer, count to 10 take a puff anger management sometimes 🙂 This cartridge I Never tire of.


  • Made with high-quality pure THC Honey oil
  • Now + Then has upgraded their entire product line with no additional cost to the consumer
  • Has never failed mechanically, not once, no leaks either


  • Free shipping only available for $125 and up


  • No after taste whatsoever
  • Very potent
  • Organically grown from a brand I personally know and trust has the highest standards (pardon the pun!)


2 WestCoast Smoke Co.

WestCoast Smoke Co. is an offshoot of Westcoast Cali. These are the aficionados of cannabis in Canada, bar none. If you are looking for mods or rare strains, these are the geeks of the modern post legalization Canadian cannabis culture. These guys manufacture every component of their entire kit, and the distillate as well for a truly artisanal vape experience.

I have since I began vaping bought over a dozen mods, vape pens, tanks etc.. and this kit is so slick and discrete and reliable, I bought one for each of may flavors, rather than changing cartridges all the time, I just pic up the the one I want to puff today. I used to keep all my old mods for parts, because most of them were generic white labeled junk. Since I switched to these kits from WestCoast Smoke Co. I tossed out my old boxes of dead vape pens, and have not had a single problem vaping since!


  • Excellent mods and full kits
  • Rare strains produced organically by people who LOVE what they do
  • Made in huge batches to keep the costs down and ensure consistent availability


  • There are no subscriptions available yet
  • There are no THC-free options available


  • The entire kit is made from the same company by extreme cannabis enthusiasts
  • They have strains which are impossible to find anywhere else, and have enough supply to keep getting the flavors I love


3 Now + Then

This is another of my favorites from Now + Then, Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Cartridge. This CBD oil is extracted without solvents or chemicals, using the super critical co2 extraction method, google that and check out some videos about it, its pretty cool! Basically, they blast it with a non poisonous gas we breathe (in part), and the oil is separated from the plant with no ill effects carcinogens or compromises.

I do have my line up of THC vape kits, but I also always keep a pure cbd vape for when I drive. I can rely on this brand to not be careless with the THC content in this, which ensures that when I only want non psychoactive organic vape oil, then that's exactly what I get with this product.


  • Full-spectrum super critical co2 extraction
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or flavors
  • Lab tested


  • Minimum 30 minute activation time


  • Pure organic CBD, nothing more, nothing less.
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