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Phoenix Tears; Rising From the Ashes

Sarah Lightfoot
February 4, 2023

If you like to check out new cannabis products, whether it’s for medical or recreational use, you’ve probably stumbled across Phoenix Tears at one point or another. It’s no secret that cannabis can offer many medical benefits, but Phoenix Tears is a famous extract known for its exceptional medicinal properties. What exactly are Phoenix Tears? Let’s find out.


What Are Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpson oil or fully extracted cannabis oil, is a cannabis oil extract that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is created by extracting the THC from cannabis with alcohol, making a pure and potent oil. While not technically a tincture, since the alcohol is boiled off, Phoenix Tears offer the same benefits.

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Who Is Rick Simpson, and How Is He Connected To Phoenix Tears?

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist who created Phoenix Tears (Rick Simpson Oil) in 2003 following his skin cancer diagnosis. He applied the RSO oil to his cancerous spots over a few days and claims that those spots disappeared entirely. Ever since then, Rick Simpson began creating more of the oil and set out to spread the word of its potential health benefits.


How to Use Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears are relatively simple to use, and you can ingest them in the same way as cannabis tinctures. Using the oil orally, topically, or by vaporizing it are the three best and most popular ways to consume Phoenix Tears.



Consuming Phoenix Tears orally is quickly becoming one of the favorite methods for cannabis users. The effects of using the oil orally or sublingually can be felt in as little as five minutes and last up to four hours.
Phoenix Tears can also be found in capsule form or baked into various foods. While these methods are equally effective, it will take longer to feel the THC’s effects, but they usually do last longer.



You can also apply Phoenix Tears topically to any area of your body that is seeking relief. It can effectively treat different skin symptoms, like how Rick Simpson used it on his cancerous growths.
You can easily apply the oil since you don’t need anything other than the Phoenix Tears to rub it into your skin. Some users feel the benefits after only an hour after application.



Vaporizing Phoenix Tears is slightly more challenging, as the extract is pretty thick, but it’s not impossible. When it comes to this method, there are two different options you can try:

The first option is to purchase a vape pen that can handle the heavy concentration of Phoenix Tears; it’s too thick for most regular vaporizers.

The second method is to thin out the Phoenix Tears with organic vegetable glycerin; the ingredients are 100% food-grade and safe for ingestion.


What Are the Benefits of Phoenix Tears?


Cannabis has been growing in popularity for medical treatment for years now, and Phoenix Tears is the pinnacle of medical marijuana. The oil extract is the most powerful and potent medical cannabis product available — much more so than smoking the herb or munching on edibles.


Slow Cancer Growth

There are four main ways that Phoenix Tears can help slow the growth of cancer cells:

  • The antiproliferative effect: Compounds in the cannabis plant have been shown to slow down the proliferation of specific cancer cells; this means that the cells cannot grow and divide as rapidly.
  • The anti-metastatic effect: Cannabis oil has been shown to help prevent cancer cells spread to healthy tissue.
  • The anti-angiogenic effect: Some cannabis compounds have successfully stopped the development of blood vessels to tumors, encouraging them to die off from starvation.
  • The pro-apoptotic effect: Some research has shown that cannabis compounds can activate apoptosis, which causes cancer cells to die off on their own.


Alleviate pain

One of the biggest problems with modern medicine is that pain relievers are typically addictive and harmful to a person’s body. Phoenix Tears can help ease chronic pain and possibly even speed up healing the pain’s cause. Cannabis oil is one of the best pain relief options available.
Looking for some pain relief? Check out our quality Phoenix Tears today!



Phoenix Tears has shown the ability to help revitalize vital organs like the pancreas. Patients with diabetes can help their pancreas function optimally with cannabis oil, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin for some users.


Weight loss

Phoenix Tears can help your body function how it was meant to, and return it to its optimal state to help naturally regulate your body weight. Cannabis oil has been seen to be effective and potent for weight regulation and detoxification.



When ingested daily, Phoenix Tears can help boost your immune system and act as a preventative measure to help protect your body from certain diseases. It is a great and natural way to allow your body to function its best.


Other Benefits

Some other benefits of Phoenix Tears include:

  • Anxiety relief.
  • Skin nourishment.
  • Improve heart health.
  • Increase appetite.
  • Help insomnia.
  • Relieve nausea.

And who knows how many benefits that cannabis oil contains that we just haven’t found yet! Phoenix tears might be your key to living a happier and healthier lifestyle.


What Are the Ingredients of Phoenix Tears?


Our Phoenix Tears are made with Grade A Rick Simpson Oil and is produced with only organic, food-grade alcohol solvents. The extraction process is unique and removes 100% of all residual solvents, leaving behind an extract full of only medicinal cannabis ingredients. Phoenix Tears hold their maximum potency for six months.


Why Are Phoenix Tears the Best Product on the Market?


Not only do Phoenix Tears offer many health benefits, with a high concentration of THC, but it is one of the easiest to administer cannabis products on the market. Kloud 9 Phoenix Tears come with a shorter and more comfortable to hold syringe than other cannabis oils for ease of ingestion. There is also an amazing alternative to syringes though, and that is the Now+Then Phoenix Tear Capsules. These full spectrum cannabis extract Rick Simpson Oil blended capsules are nutrient rich and easy to use for daily use.


Where is Phoenix Tears Oil for Sale in Canada?

Like when shopping for any cannabis product, it’s crucial to ensure that you are getting Phoenix Tears made with high-quality and pure ingredients. While you can attempt to craft Phoenix Tears at home, the best way to get the potent cannabis oil is from a reputable source like Birch + Fog, where all of our products are guaranteed to be the highest quality.

You can find the highest quality Rick Simpson Oil Canada exclusively at Birch + Fog’s online store. You may purchase pure RSO, capsules, and even gummies. Each product comes with a quality guarantee with publicly available third-party lab test results. Let’s get into our top recommended products!


1 Phoenix Tears Glass Dispenser | Now + Then

Our top recommended product is Phoenix Tears THC oil glass dispenser by Now + Then. This product is incredibly versatile as it can be consumed directly, used in teas or cooking, or even used to fill up vape cartridges. The dispenser is made of durable, non-toxic, and heat-resistant glass. It is easy to use, mess-free, and convenient. Each dispenser contains 1,000mg of pure grade A THC Rick Simpson oil. That's it! Only 1 simple ingredient with no added fillers. This product is ideal for whole body chronic pain, neuropathic pain, life-limiting illnesses, and severe insomnia.


  • Incredibly versatile
  • Easy to use, mess-free, and convenient


  • No flavorings, taste may be harsh to some users


  • 1 ingredient: grade A THC Rick Simpson oil
  • Durable, non-toxic, heat-resistant glass dispenser


2 High Dose Gummies | Kandy Kandy

Our second choice for the best Rick Simpson Oil Canada are High Dose Gummies from Kandy Kandy. These candies contain cannabis extract as the very first ingredient, making them extremely strong with high doses of THC. They are available in a 900mg container in an orange flavor and a 3,000mg container in a grape flavor. These delicious treats are designed for severe illnesses such as severe arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, nausea from chemotherapy, and chronic insomnia.


  • First ingredient is cannabis extract
  • Extremely strong with high dose THC


  • High sugar content


  • Available in 2 varieties and flavors
  • Ideal for severe illnesses


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