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What are CBD Edibles Best For?

Lexie Livingston
December 13, 2021

CBD edibles are easily becoming one of Canada's most popular supplements. While CBD does not provide the same psychoactive "high" as THC, it does have an amazing impact on overall health and wellbeing. Consumers interested in trying CBD have a wide range of alternatives, including flower, vapes, oils, and CBD-infused foods, which is one of the most popular methods to ingest CBD. Let's get started with the basics on CBD edibles Canada!


What is a CBD Edible?

The term "edible" refers to anything that can be eaten. CBD edibles gummies do not require combustion (fire) to activate their chemical ingredients. Many individuals enjoy edibles since they don't produce any smoke, are convenient, and can be taken discreetly.

CBD edibles are classified as either balanced THC/CBD or CBD dominating. THC and CBD levels are equal (or nearly equal) in balanced edibles. CBD-only edibles, on the other hand, usually include very little or no THC. Balanced edibles may provide some of the typical cannabis high that THC is mostly known for. CBD-dominant edibles, on the other hand, are unlikely to cause intoxication.


What are Some Examples?


  • Gummies
  • Hard candies
  • Chocolates
  • Cookies
  • Highly edible CBD pucks
  • Cakes
  • Seltzers
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcoholic drinks


What's the Difference Between Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolate Edibles?

In general, there are 3 different types of CBD edibles Canada:


These products include the full range of chemicals found in hemp or cannabis plants. Make sure the product includes less than 0.3 percent THC unless you reside in a legal state. The best CBD edibles for pain are typically full-spectrum.


This edible is nearly identical to its full-spectrum version, but for one important distinction. It doesn't have any THC in it at all. For anyone worried about THC-COOH metabolites showing up on a urinalysis, this is a godsend. Typically, brands choose to use hemp as a source of extract.


CBD concentrations of up to 99.9% are common in these products. Terpenes and other cannabinoids aren't present. CBD-isolate foods are frequently made from hemp rather than cannabis.


What are the Benefits of CBD Edibles?

CBD has been shown in scientific studies to help alleviate chronic pain, reduce anxiety/depression, ease cancer-related symptoms/cancer treatment side effects, treat epilepsy syndromes, reduce PTSD symptoms, treat opioid addiction, alleviate ALS symptoms, ease diabetic complications, protect against neurological disease, and inhibit arthritis symptoms.

Highly edible CBD pucks and CBD edibles gummies can both be used for any of the above conditions, however, they are most popular among those suffering from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD edibles, this article can help.


CBD for Anxiety/Depression

Anxiety and depression are commonly observed simultaneously, and people who have one are more likely to have the other. CBD edibles for anxiety seem to help with both problems. According to one study, the CBD edible dosage people took was 600 milligrams (mg). They experienced much less social anxiety than those who took a placebo. Another study used a dosage of 300 mg and discovered that it reduced anxiety. Because low serotonin levels have been associated with anxiety, CBD acting on these serotonin receptors might account for some of these good effects.

When it comes to treating depression, there appears to be certain benefits over prescription antidepressant medicines. The bulk of antidepressants take several weeks to begin working. According to an animal study published in 2019, CBD edibles have a quick and long-lasting antidepressant impact. Antidepressants may even have more harmful side effects than CBD edibles. Insomnia, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and irritability are among antidepressant adverse effects. CBD hasn't shown any of these drawbacks.


CBD for Pain

As a pain reliever, CBD is well-known and well-proven. Highly edible CBD pucks and CBD edibles gummies can assist with a variety of ailments, including headaches, chronic pain, arthritis, and menstrual cramps. The best CBD edibles for pain work by boosting adenosine levels and lowering pain sensations by triggering the reuptake of the neurotransmitter adenosine in the brain. By attaching to TPRV1, a protein linked in pain and inflammation, CBD may also inhibit pain signals from reaching brain processing areas.


Why Choose CBD in Edible Form?

Proponents choose them for the following reasons:

  • It's much easier to figure out how much CBD you should take at any particular moment. When companies package CBD edibles for anxiety, they always mention the CBD edible dosage amount of cannabidiol in each serving size.
  • Benefits of CBD edibles include the elimination of the need to smoke or vaporize CBD, lowering the risk of lung discomfort
  • According to most accounts, CBD edibles have little negative effects. However, this is based on limited studies.
  • Edibles are incredibly portable and may be taken with you wherever you go.
  • They're also a wonderful method to dose CBD discreetly, even in a public setting.
  • There are more possibilities now than there have ever been. Today, gummies, chocolate, syrup, honey, and a variety of other forms are available to customers.
  • CBD edibles gummies and highly edible CBD pucks typically take longer to work than CBD oil or vape items. The overall effect, though, appears to persist longer.
  • CBD flower and oil can be expensive,  however edibles can typically be purchased in bulk for a reduced cost-per-item.

An excellent resource for CBD treatment studies and modalities can be found here.


What CBD Edibles Canada do we Recommend?

Edibles are by far one of the most popular ways to consume CBD in Canada. Unfortunately, a lot of these products do not meet quality or potency standards. A lot of them even contain unnatural and toxic ingredients!

Here at Birch + Fog, we have taken the time to review third party lab tests to verify that all of our products not only come from the finest hemp sources but are also third-party verified to contain high-quality ingredients. We also stand by their potency and effectiveness so that all the benefits of CBD edibles are intact. Our goal is to provide the best CBD edibles for pain with a seamless shopping experience where you receive relief with any one of the various products in our online store.


Now, Let’s Get to Our Top CBD Edibles Canada Picks!


Our Favorite CBD Edibles for Anxiety/Depression

1 Wine CBD Gummies | Yummy Vegan Gummy

Yummy Vegan CBD gummies in wine flavor are our top pick for depression/anxiety. They are made with premium CBD isolate, which means that those sensitive to THC don’t have anything to worry about. They won’t cause any psychoactive effects or added anxiety. These gummies will have you feeling calm, but with a mood boost and absolutely no intoxicating effects. Perfect for before a work meeting, before a social engagement, or just as part of your daily routine!

They are strictly vegan, gluten-free, and GMO free. The wine flavor is juicy and tasty, without the drawbacks of a hangover the next day! If you’re not a wine fanatic, don’t fret. They also come  in 3 other unique flavors: lemonade, sour, and avocado. They are available in 10mg (10 gummies per package) and 20mg (10 gummies per package).

According to one verified buyer in their CBD edibles review: "By far, these are the best tasting CBD gummies! I've tried a few kinds, and this brand is my favorite. The wine gummies have a nice variety of flavors (one of them tastes like a pineapple life saver). I'm usually pretty anxious, and these make me feel super chill."



  • No intoxicating effects/no risk for added anxiety
  • Promotes calmness and a mood boost
  • 4 flavors and 2 dosages available


  • May take 45 minutes to feel the effects


  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Premium CBD isolate


Our Favorite CBD Edibles for Pain

2 Strawberry Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies | Kandy Kandy

Kandy Kandy is a top brand with a well-deserved reputation for quality. They have created a full line of both CBD and THC infused candies that are always made with lab-tested ingredients. Their full-spectrum CBD gummies are our top pick for pain. One of the benefits of CBD edible being full-spectrum is that they alleviate chronic pain, sore muscles, arthritis, and even menstrual cramps with the entourage effect.

These gummies contain no corn syrup, artificial flavors, or colors, and contain only the highest quality extracts and ingredients. They come in packages of 5, with each gummy being 50mg. Recommended starting dose is ¼ of a gummy. Your ideal dose can be increased based upon your body weight, tolerance, and what you are treating.

According to a recent CBD edibles review from a verified buyer, "This company is killin' it in the gummy game! Even though it's technically candy, the natural flavors make you feel like you're having a homemade kids fruit snack, rather than a toothache. I use these gummies cut in half as a substitute for pain medication, and they have taken away my period cramps and any bad arthritis pain days every time without fail. Totally recommend!"


  • Company has a solid reputation for quality
  • Lab-tested ingredients
  • Alleviates pain with the entourage effect


  • Recommended starting dose is ¼ gummy (will need to cut the gummy)


  • Shelf-stable gummies
  • Lab-tested ingredients



Final Thoughts

If you haven't heard of the CBD edibles Canada craze, you're missing out! It's an easy and sensible approach to making sure that you receive enough cannabidiol every day. Oils, tinctures, topicals, and vape items all offer their own set of benefits. In terms of convenience and flavor, however, none of them can compete with CBD edibles gummies and highly edible CBD pucks. It's difficult to go back after trying a fruity gummy or a luscious piece of Belgian chocolate! Stopping at just one gummy or a single square of chocolate (or a typical CBD edible dosage amount) is, in fact, your greatest challenge.

Due to increased competition, the price of CBD gummies has dropped recently. Newer commodities like CBD syrup, wine, and peanut butter, on the other hand, may still be priced at a premium. In this scenario, it's recommended to use them as a complement to your existing CBD oil or capsules.

You can consider CBD a treat and consume them in moderation if the cost is too high. In this article, we have given our top picks for the best CBD edibles for pain and anxiety. With various edible options from Birch + Fog's exclusive online store, we are optimistic that you will be able to discover high-quality CBD products that are inexpensive enough to be incorporated into your daily routine.

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