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What do CBD Bath Bombs do?

Lexie Livingston
December 13, 2021

CBD has become the latest craze in Canada as the healing benefits of CBD beauty & bath products have been incorporated into just about anything these days to increase physical and mental wellbeing. The beauty industry has skyrocketed with CBD lotions, balms, serums, eye creams, facial masks, lubricants, bath salts, and bath bombs. If you’re in need of self-care and relaxation, CBD is what you need. Birch + Fog is your go-to for CBD bath bombs Canada. Keep reading for more details!

What is a Bath Bomb?

Mo Constantine, the founder of Lush Cosmetics, had the idea for the first bath bomb in 1989, and it transformed bath time forever. The CBD bath bomb recipe is created with a combination of baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch. They are densely packed with herbal and essential oils that mix together to add color, scent, and bubbles to bathwater. They take advantage of the popularity of both bath bombs and CBD by combining two popular relaxation and rejuvenation products.

CBD is absorbed through expanded pores, allowing it to infiltrate the skin throughout the entire body and reach the bloodstream faster.

Webmd is an amazing resource for CBD based therapies and treatments such as bath bombs. Another great how to resource for bath bombs is here.

How Do Bath Bombs Work?

CBD bath bombs are absorbed through the skin rather than being eaten or dropped under the tongue. It operates by activating the cannabinoid receptors on the skin. Researchers believe that a CBD bath benefits the body when applied topically because of these specific receptors. In 2017, researchers released an update on the side effects and safety of CBD based on a review of all relevant animal studies and clinical data, demonstrating CBD's favorable benefits on the skin due to its possible anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant capabilities.

Many people who have tried bath bombs use them for general de-stressing and relaxation, but this CBD bath product may have a lot more to offer. While you aren't consuming the product as you would with another approach, using CBD in the bath has an added benefit. The hot water can open pores and allow the bath bomb to penetrate deeper, absorbing more CBD into the body.


What are CBD Bath Benefits?



After a long, stressful day, do you need some assistance shaking emotions of worry and anxiety? Consider CBD beauty & bath products such as soaking in a warm bath with a CBD bath bomb. Our Endocannabinoid system is in charge of controlling a variety of biological functions, including mood, pain perception, libido, appetite, and even memory. Cannabinoids interact with the system to trigger action, which helps to produce calm and relieve stress.

CBD Bath Bomb Recipe-CBD + Epsom Salts are a Dream Combination:

Because magnesium is absorbed via the skin, Epsom salt has long been used in baths to help relax and soothe tight muscles. It can also remove toxins from your body, as well as aid with mood, weight control, and overall health improvement.  That's why combining the two is so effective, because both substances work together to deliver these benefits.

Skin Care:

Toxins are able to flow out into the Epsom salt, allowing CBD and essential oils to seep into the skin, thanks to the combination of hot water and Epsom salt stimulating blood flow and opening pores. CBD oil, when absorbed, may nourish the skin, not only softening it but also giving it a youthful radiance. CBD bath bombs can also aid with skin problems including eczema, psoriasis, and acne by lowering redness and inflammation.

Soothe Sore Muscles and Aching Joints:

Whether you're hurting after a workout, dealing with irritating menstrual cramps, or suffering from aching joints, soaking in a relaxing bath with CBD will help to reduce any discomfort. The heat from the water not only helps muscles relax by increasing blood flow, but CBD is also known to help reduce inflammation linked with pain by blocking an eicosanoid enzyme called COX2.


The humidity provided by your hot bath serves as a conduit for CBD and essential oils to enter the body quickly. This aids aromatherapy, which has been shown to boost immunity, improve sleep quality, lower stress, relieve headaches and migraines, and even fight diseases and viruses. Essential oils such as Eucalyptus (which aids in breathing and immunity), Peppermint (which relieves nausea), and Lavender (relaxing & calming) are all popular.

Mental Clarity:

CBD beauty & bath products can help you think more clearly in addition to making you feel calm. A CBD bath bomb could assist in improving your serotonin levels and even interact with other neurological systems, such as the hippocampus, which controls memory and emotion. This is because CBD positively affects the Endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating our mood and emotions.

Rapid Relief:

CBD is able to reach the bloodstream quickly with the specific mix of hot water and Epsom salt that help to improve blood flow and pore opening. These advantages could include pain alleviation, better sleep, stress and anxiety relief, a mood lift, and nausea treatment, among others.


CBD for Pain

Hot baths have long been known to relieve various types of pains, aches, and deep discomforts throughout the body, and there may even be some science to back it up, as this comprehensive review on the "Scientific Evidence-Based Effects of Hydrotherapy on Various Systems of the Body" published in 2014 noted.

People have reported that CBD bath benefits include being anti-inflammatory for pain relief, therefore they could potentially aid with chronic discomfort. CBD and hydrotherapy, when combined with a hot bath, may be just what you need to start feeling your best. This means the ability to feel less sore and free of aches and pains. Adding CBD bath bombs Canada into your life, especially if you take baths as part of your pain management routine, may assist to improve your entire wellbeing.


CBD for Anxiety/Stress

There is some preliminary research that looks into CBD products and their potential as a treatment for anxiety and/or specific anxiety disorders. The findings are encouraging, and anecdotal data from CBD groups who have used cannabidiol for anxiety alleviation is reassuring. CBD is very likely to help relieve tension or anxiety in some way. The hot water has the extra benefit of alleviating stress on its own, so adding essential oils and CBD oil to it (making a CBD bath bomb recipe) for a compounded relief experience, may just do the trick.


CBD for Hair/Skin Health

A CBD bath benefits both hair and skin by providing natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cannabidiol may be able to aid enhance health, particularly skin and hair health, by hydrating irritated, dry skin and decreasing oil production. The effects of combining CBD with additional essential oils and natural substances in a bath bomb may be boosted even more. When it comes to CBD and other wellness routines, though, consistency is crucial.


Are There Risks to Using CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD beauty & bath products are usually thought to be safe to use. However, some people may encounter negative side effects, such as the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Appetite changes
  • Weight fluctuations

Other chemicals in the CBD bath bomb recipe, such as essential oils, which can cause skin irritation in persons with sensitive skin, or scents, may also produce responses or adverse effects. If you're taking any other drugs or nutritional supplements, check with your pharmacist to see if there are any potential interactions.


What Makes a Good Bath Bomb?

Only a few CBD bath bombs on the market so far have met our stringent requirements. We chose these, like any other CBD product, based on safety, quality, and transparency criteria. This article's products are:

  • Produced by a company that can prove third-party testing by an ISO 17025-certified lab
  • According to the certificate of analysis, contains no more than 0.3 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) (COA)
  • According to the COA, the product passes pesticide, heavy metal, and mold tests
  • Essential oils (rather than synthetic fragrance)
  • Non-chemical CO2 extraction processes to remove pesticides, metals, and solvents
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts
  • Hemp-derived CBD (which will, by definition, contain less than 0.3 percent THC)


1 CBD Bath Bomb | Ritual

RITUAL has created an innovative CBD bath bomb recipe that is made entirely of natural components, including CBD isolate. Despite their tremendous ability to melt away stress and anxiety, they have no psychoactive effects. One of the CBD bath benefits is that they are large enough for two baths, according to recent customers. With scents of lavender, cherry blossom, mint, and forest, you’ll walk out of your bathroom with your senses awakened. Customers often report that they were able to relieve tension and manage chronic pain with this bath bomb.


  • CBD isolate (non-psychoactive)
  • Stress and anxiety melt away


  • Limited scent options


  • All natural ingredients
  • Large enough for 2 baths


2 CBD Bath Bomb | DeLush

DeLush is a company that has taken the time to handcraft their uniquely heart-shaped bath bombs. These CBD bath bombs contain hemp-derived CBD in addition to premium, all-natural ingredients. Being paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free, you’ll have no worry about added fillers or synthetic ingredients. In addition to CBD, they contain grapeseed oil and epsom salts, which are fantastic ingredients for anti-aging, inflammation, anxiety, and overall skin care. Available in 3 different scents (Sweet Mandarin, Blueberry Yum Yum, and Diced Pineapples), you’ll smell fantastically fruity!


  • Contains CBD isolate
  • Hand-crafted in a unique heart shape
  • Available in 3 scents


  • $15 for one bath bomb


  • Premium, all natural ingredients
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free


Where Can I Purchase CBD Bath Bombs Canada?

The most recommended solution is to simply browse our Bath and Body products, including CBD bath bombs, right here. When purchasing a bath bomb or other CBD products, it's crucial to engage with reliable companies that are transparent about their ingredients. Look for companies that have product certificates, a certificate of analysis, and CBD that is sourced from hemp farmed in the United States or Canada.

Here at Birch + Fog, we have taken all the guesswork out of choosing a CBD bath bomb as we only stock products that adhere to strict quality standards and have publicly available lab tests.

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