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What does CBD do When you Drink it?

Lexie Livingston
December 21, 2021

When it comes to food and drink, CBD has become the buzzword of 2022. CBD infused beverages such as CBD infused bottled water, can now be purchased in supermarkets, corner stores, and vending machines. There are even TV shows dedicated to cooking with CBD and creating the best CBD infused coffee!

Despite being all the rage, the technology behind nano infused CBD water can be a bit confusing if you don’t know a whole lot about nanotechnology. People often wonder, what does CBD do when you drink it? How is it different from other forms of CBD such as tinctures, capsules, or edibles?

Here, we’ll get into the science (bare with us!) of what happens when you consume a CBD infused beverage! You'll definitely want to read this if you suffer from anxiety attacks, chronic pain, or insomnia!


What does CBD do when Nanotechnology is Involved?

You may think you know all the CBD lingo, such as full-spectrum, isolate, and broad-spectrum, but there's a new one that has recently emerged, nanoparticles! Nanotechnology is a scientific method that aids in the absorption of cannabidiol by the human body, allowing you to receive the full advantages. Bioavailability is the term used by scientists to describe this characteristic.

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.


What does this Mean for CBD?

During the extraction process, CBD is transformed into nanoparticles using nanotechnology. Small particles are able to quickly travel through the bloodstream using this method. This results in nanotechnology-based CBD products having a much higher bioavailability than other forms of CBD, which allows much more of the CBD to be absorbed, rather than wasted.

The large size of CBD particles in traditional forms in addition to the fact that they are not natively recognized as being absorbent by the body cause problems with absorption. Your digestive tract, such as the stomach and liver, instantly begin to break down and flush away much of the cannabis components. The CBD is more easily accessible and absorbed into your system using nanoparticles, so that you are able to get more of the benefits of CBD, directly into your body. Because CBD infused bottled water has a higher absorption rate, you will experience the effects of CBD much faster than other methods.


Bioavailability in Comparison

CBD normally has a poor bioavailability with roughly 13% to 19% when taken orally, according to studies. When CBD is vaporized or smoked, its bioavailability is improved to approximately 31%. CBD infused beverages, on the other hand, have been shown to have a bioavailability of up to 90%!

For more information on CBD, nanotechnology, and bioavailability, this article is very interesting.


How Fast Will I Start to Feel the Effects of Nano Infused CBD Water Beverage?

The beneficial effects of a nano CBD infused drink can kick in up to 10 times faster than other methods, usually taking around 20 minutes. With less time needed to fully kick in, you’ll get a cleaner, more predictable, and pleasurable CBD experience. However, because dosage and effects are absolutely individual, the amount of CBD in the drink and the dose ingested will influence the advantages felt and the time it takes to feel more peaceful and balanced. Many users report that their stress and pain begin to fade in just a matter of minutes after taking their first few sips.

Traditional CBD edible products can take up to 8 hours to reach full impact. In contrast, nano infused CBD water beverages can reach near-maximum amounts in just about an hour. Nano infused CBD is absorbed 4-5 times more completely than other forms of CBD. Because nanoemulsions have a substantially better absorption rate and bioavailability than conventional edibles, a much smaller dose is necessary to have the same effect (as other forms), which is favorable to both CBD companies and consumers alike.


What Happens in Your Body After Consuming CBD Infused Beverages?

The moment nano CBD touches the inside of your mouth, it begins to absorb through the oromucosal membrane found in the mouth. CBD infused bottled water will kick in within seconds and nearly completely circumvent liver metabolism by swiftly soaking through these sensitive areas. Nano CBD serves as a real sublingual, much like liposomal vitamin C.

Nano CBD has a significant surface area due to the fact that it is built up of such tiny liposomal structures. The CBD is considerably easier for cells to reach, resulting in a quicker absorption time and greater absorption completeness. The best CBD infused coffee is created using this technology!

Traditional CBD, on the other hand, must be emulsified by bile salts throughout the digestive process. CBD that has been nano-enhanced is already emulsified, sort of like already being pre-digested. This is similar to the reasons why you should chew your food properly. In both circumstances, the body exerts less effort in order to get bigger and better outcomes.


What are the Benefits of Nano Infused CBD Water Beverages?

Nano infused CBD water beverages provide all the benefits of your more common forms of CBD, just with added perks! You’ll experience relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression with faster, more thorough absorption. You’ll need much less CBD in nano form, as most of the CBD will get used within your body instead of gone to waste.

Within half an hour of consuming CBD infused bottled water, you'll feel cool, calm, and collected! Because of its high bioavailability and compact size, you'll experience the benefits in just a few minutes. This means you'll be free of pain, worry, and despair in no time. After drinking a CBD infused beverage, users report feeling more balanced, productive, and creative. It may even give you a significant mood boost and assist you with falling into a deep, comfortable slumber that night.


Are Nano Infused CBD Water Beverages Safe?

Nano CBD infused water beverages are fully safe. The safety profile of CBD infused beverages  is identical to that of normal CBD. It's possible that it's even safer than the typical forms. Why? The majority of CBD's potential issues originate from its effects on liver function (specifically liver enzymes). Nano-enhanced CBD, on the other hand, is absorbed so fast  that it avoids being metabolized by the liver. More study is needed before we can tell for sure, but CBD infused bottled water  may actually be the safest form of CBD for those taking certain pharmaceutical medications.


Where Can I Purchase High Quality CBD Infused Beverages?

Here at Birch + Fog, we keep a close eye on emerging technology and innovation. We've recently added a variety of CBD infused beverages to our exclusive online store. Whether you are seeking a CBD tea or a THC seltzer, we've got it all! Each item was hand-picked following thorough testing to ensure that it contains only the highest-quality ingredients with no toxic ingredients or added fillers. Each and every product has third-party lab results that are readily available for viewing. We take pride in exceeding quality and purity standards, you have our Birch + Fog guarantee.


Birch + Fog’s Top Recommended CBD Infused Beverages

1 Nano CBD Tropical Green Tea | Now + Then

When it comes to CBD infused beverages, Now + Then really hits the mark. They have combined an absolutely delicious green tea with 25mg of nano-emulsified CBD distillate and only 3 grams of sugar. The combination is delicious, potent, and healthy! You’ll receive anxiety, depression, and pain relief in a matter of minutes by simply quenching your thirst!

This tea can be purchased individually as well as in packs of 2, 4,8, and 12.


  • Delicious, potent, and healthy
  • 25mg of CBD with only 3 grams of sugar
  • Multiple buying options


  • Green tea is only flavor option currently


  • Relief in minutes
  • No intoxicating effects


Final Thoughts

Nanotechnology can seem a bit complex and overwhelming at first glance. Once you see how it works, you can understand why it’s gaining momentum as one of the biggest CBD trends this year. CBD infused bottled water not only provides all the exceptional benefits of CBD, but it does it faster and easier, in as little as a few minutes!

If you suffer from panic attacks, chronic pain, or insomnia with an important meeting scheduled in the morning, a nano infused CBD water beverage may just be your knight in shining armor! Why not try out a CBD seltzer, tea, coffee, or sports drink? There's even nano THC infused options available! Check out Birch + Fog’s exclusive online store for amazing nano infused products and promotions!

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