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What is Special About the Phoenix Tears?

Lexie Livingston
December 21, 2021

Every year, approximately 14 million individuals worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. This deadly disease claims the lives of approximately 7.6 million each year. Given that one in every two men and one in every three women may get cancer at some point in their lives, you are likely to know or have lost someone who is/was afflicted with this debilitating disease.

In 2004, a Canadian man by the name of Rick Simpson shared with the world a natural method he developed to cure his own cancer. Often referred to as Phoenix Tears THC oil, Rick Simpson Oil, or simply RSO, this potent cannabis oil has been found to not only cure cancer, but treat a wide range of physical and mental health issues, all without the potentially fatal side effects of prescription medications. Keep reading to find out what makes Phoenix Tears oil Canada so special!


Who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson was an engineer that was working in Novia Scotia, Canada. In 2003, he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a kind of skin cancer. As a result, he decided to look into marijuana as a treatment option. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC (the major psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana), was discovered to destroy cancer cells in mice in a research study published in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Simpson was inspired by the article and began to extract oil from his marijuana plants and apply it on his skin. The malignant growths on his arm, according to the account, vanished in less than a week. Simpson became a firm believer in marijuana's medicinal powers from that point forward and was inspired to share his findings with the rest of the world. Simpson elected not to patent his oil or technique of extraction as a monument to his character and commitment. Instead, he advocated for it to be open to anybody who required help, even growing and producing his own cannabis oil that he gave away for free to anyone who was sick.


What are Phoenix Tears Canada?

Phoenix Tears THC oil is a concentrated cannabis extract with a high potency. RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), F.E.C.O. (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), hashish oil, or simply "cannabis extract" are some of the other names for them.

Whatever you decide to call it, it's a potent extract that is thought to help with a variety of serious ailments and conditions. Phoenix Tears differs from "dabs" and other types of extracts in that it is designed to be ingested or applied topically.

Phoenix Tears may be derived from any marijuana strain, however Indica-dominant strains (those with soothing effects), as well as those with high THC levels, are preferred. The color and consistency of the THC oil might vary depending on the strain employed. Some marijuana strains have a light amber hue and a gooey consistency, while others have a dark, molasses-like substance. Despite this, the final result is an extremely strong oil (>60 percent THC), which is why it's advised for individuals who need a high dose of THC or who have a high tolerance to THC.

There is Phoenix Tears oil for sale in syringes and capsules, which are the most prevalent forms in Canada. Both choices deliver a powerful, concentrated cannabis extract that may be used both orally and topically to treat a variety of ailments. Phoenix Tears, like cannabis tinctures, can be administered sublingually, orally, or topically, depending on the desired effect. It can also be used to flavor foods and beverages.


What are the Phoenix Tears Benefits?


May delay the progression of cancer/treat cancer:

Phoenix Tears limit the development of cancer cells in four ways. Cancer cells have been shown to be inhibited by compounds contained in the cannabis plant. This means that the cells won't be able to divide and expand as rapidly (the antiproliferative effect). Cancer cells are less likely to spread to healthy tissue when cannabis oil is used (anti-metastatic effect). Some cannabis constituents have been demonstrated to stop tumors from growing blood vessels, leading them to starve to death (anti-angiogenic effect). In multiple studies, cannabis compounds have been proven to stimulate apoptosis, which causes cancer cells to die on their own (pro-apoptotic effect).

May aid in the relief of chronic pain:

Pain medications are often addictive and detrimental to a person's health, which is one of the most serious concerns with contemporary medicine. Phoenix Tears can help relieve chronic pain and may even expedite healing.

Cannabis oil is one of the most effective pain relievers on the market. However, if you are already taking any prescription pain drugs, you should exercise caution as there are potential interactions with some medications. If you're planning on taking Phoenix Tears THC oil sublingually to relieve pain, bear in mind that it won't act as soon as other cannabis strains (vaping or smoking). Nonetheless, the benefits of sublingual administration should be felt in less than an hour.

May assist with diabetic symptoms:

Phoenix Tears have been discovered to aid in the rejuvenation of vital organs such as the pancreas. In certain situations, cannabis oil can help diabetes patients' pancreas function more efficiently, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin. Although cannabis cannot yet treat type 1 diabetes, the THC enzyme can assist in minimizing autoimmune attacks by using less insulin to lower blood glucose levels. Obese mice dropped significant weight and had a rise in pancreas weight after being exposed to organic cannabis extract, according to a research study published in 2012. In type 1 diabetes, the presence of cannabis preserves the insulin-producing pancreatic cells (also known as beta cells), as seen by the increase in pancreas weight.

May aid weight reduction:

Despite the fact that cannabis has a reputation for giving people the "munchies," experts have determined that cannabis users are often of average weight and in good physical health. However, not all cannabis strains generate the "munchies," as previously claimed. THC has been reported to increase appetite, but CBD has been shown to decrease appetite. Furthermore, several studies have revealed that cannabis promotes fat burning and stimulates metabolism.

May relieve anxiety:

Only a few milligrams are required to relieve anxiety. If you take too much, on the other hand, it may have the reverse effect, making you experience even more anxiety. As a result, it's critical to just take a small amount of medicine. It should be noted that benzodiazepines and cannabis may have interactions. Combining the two medicines may reduce the effects of each drug and make benzodiazepine overdose more likely.

May help with sleep:

One of the most common Phoenix Tears benefits is that it has a sedative effect, which can aid those who are struggling with falling asleep and staying asleep. By lowering overall stress, Phoenix Tears THC oil can assist in alleviating insomnia. THC products are thought to be particularly excellent in inducing sleep when taken a few hours before sleep rather than shortly before bedtime. High THC indicas (20 percent and greater) have the highest "burn-out" of any strain, making them particularly well suited in helping sleep issues.

May aid in the induction of appetite:

Many cancer patients have a loss of appetite and are frequently sick while undergoing chemotherapy. THC improves appetite and minimize sickness. Such people can lower their chances of developing emaciation, which can lead to wasting syndrome.

May assist in the treatment of depression:

Antidepressants are routinely given but have a range of side effects and take a long time to begin working in the body. THC has a high rate of effectiveness and little side effects. Depressed people can benefit from THC's mood-enhancing qualities. Much research has shown that Phoenix Tears THC oil has antidepressant qualities.

May assist in the reduction of chronic inflammation:

Cannabis' anti-inflammatory properties have long been known. Phoenix Tears help the body's natural reaction to inflammation in addition to reducing edema. The combination works by blocking particular molecules that induce edema from entering the circulation. Because every human cell contains an endocannabinoid receptor, cannabis' anti-inflammatory effects may be felt all over the body.

May help to treat a variety of skin ailments:

The use of Phoenix Tears topically can relieve many of the symptoms associated with skin problems, such as inflammation, itching, burning, discomfort, infection, acne, bug bites, scrapes, and wounds. The oil hydrates, re-energizes, and encourages skin rejuvenation. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical medications, which have a host of side effects, THC oil is gentle on the skin.

Fore more information on Rick Simpson Oil/Phoenix Tears, click here.


How is Phoenix Tears Oil Canada different?

Phoenix Tears THC oil is a full-spectrum cannabis extract that outperforms several other tinctures. Phoenix tears, like cannabis tinctures, can be used topically, sublingually, or orally. The solvent (alcoholic solution) is burnt out of Phoenix Tears, leaving just the cannabis oil.

Phoenix Tears benefits are more therapeutic in nature than other THC products due the potency harnessed in the oil. It has the ability to deliver a large dose of cannabis to medical patients in a discreet and efficient manner, with immediate results.


Where is Phoenix Tears Oil for Sale?

Birch + Fog has carefully hand selected Phoenix Tears products that contain the highest quality ingredients, backed by third-party lab testing. We stand by our products and guarantee that you’ll receive potent, effective products, no matter which ones you choose.  You have our Birch + Fog guarantee!


Birch + Fog’s Top Recommended Phoenix Tears Oil Canada


1 Phoenix Tears Capsules | Now + Then

Taking away the dosage difficulties sometimes associated with using a Phoenix Tears THC oil syringe, these capsules by Now + Then are medicinal quality made simple. Made with only three ingredients, full-extracted cannabis oil, MCT oil, and water, you’ll feel powerful healing.

These capsules provide extreme relief and an extra-strength, high dose of THC, packaged in 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg capsules. Backed by extensive lab testing, you can feel confident that you’re getting a pure product. The Phoenix Tears benefits are medicinal for severe conditions, even assisting in treating life threatening illnesses.


  • Medicinal benefits for severe conditions
  • High dose THC
  • 3 dosages available


  • May be difficult to use topically


  • Extensively lab tested
  • Easy & consistent dosing



When you start learning about Phoenix Tears Canada, it’s almost impossible to NOT see how special it is! Phoenix Tears THC oil is a powerful, natural medicine with extreme healing capabilities, for both physical and mental ailments. Rick Simpson himself even said that there is no illness or ailment that it cannot cure! Check out our online store, where you’ll find high quality Phoenix Tears in capsules, oils, and gummies!

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