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What is Vegan CBD?

Olivia St James
January 2, 2022

Many years ago the word vegan was considered odd and not many knew exactly what it meant. If you have been vegan for the last 10 yrs, for sure you have seen the advances in the vegan community and the pop up of “vegan friendly” establishments that support not only the vegan diet but the whole concept of being VEGAN.

But what exactly is Vegan and how does CBD oil companies in Canada have worked to make its way in this community? In this post will address vegan concepts, what CBD vegan types are available and the benefits.

In addition to help you have a more natural and clean approach to many of your health concerns we revealed in our top 5 Vegan CBD products list, the best CBD vegan chocolate, great and easy to buy vegan CBD capsules and delicious vegan CBD gummies Canada made.

What exactly is Vegan?

When you think of veganism you relate the term with food, a “vegan diet”. Many goods, such as cereal, vegan milk, and, most recently, vegan CBD protein powder, may have caught your eye. Even supermarkets have assigned an aisle in their installations that is “all vegan”. But being vegan is more than what you eat, it is the values and the actions you take towards a better future for animals, society and the planet.

The term vegan is a philosophy, a lifestyle and actions to move forward to eliminate cruelty and exploitation in all forms towards animals. From clothing, cosmetics to a shift of consciousness, you can begin your journey by paying attention to what you eat.

Now in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver, vegan products like CBD vegan chocolate, gummies, tinctures and ready to buy CBD vegan capsules are more accessible, reaching individuals not only with health concerns but healthier diet needs.

When it comes to your diet, veganism describes the practice of avoiding completely animal derived products, ingredients and so forth.

A good example of coming forward with a vegan concept is if you find yourself visiting or living in Canada opting to buy vegan CBD edibles Canada produced, is a way not only to maintain your vegan diet but also to contribute and support your local farmers and companies.

CBD and vegan have been able to fuse, due to its safe and healthier approach, and the new standards set by the vegan community that addresses the importance of high quality, healthier, no animal derived ingredients and cruelty free products.

Is CBD oil Vegan?

CBD thanks to its plant derived aspect, is considered vegan, even the methods of extractions used to make CBD oil. Is the ingredients that CBD oil is infused with that should be paid attention to.

For example a CBD vegan chocolate should not have any milk or honey or other animal derived components. Dark chocolate, due to it´s high nutritious content, is infused with CBD and is the preferred chocolate bar for a vegan diet.

You can also buy vegan CBD capsules, that are free of gelatin, and made from vegetable cellulose. Vegan CBD protein powder and gummies, that are organic made and gluten free, are also available, ready for you to add to your daily CBD supplement routine.

Vegan CBD edibles in Canada are very popular even in the non vegan population, this due to its nice yummy vegan flavor, usually low in sugar and with a wide selection.

You can buy online products that can be easily found in a vegan section ( check our vegan friendly selection ) with a nice description of ingredients that can help you determine whether it is safe for you, if it's vegan or not, and if it does suit your very personal diet and health goals.

What form of Vegan CBD oil is best?

When selecting a vegan CBD oil product, keep in mind that the ideal option will always be the one that best meets your current health needs.

CBD oil is considered safe and has proven to help ease chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders and inflammatory related issues. Additionally it can help people lessen the side effects from cancer treatments and seizures from two forms of epilepsy.

It's through the interaction with the endocannabinoid system that CBD and other cannabinoids like THC, can provide broad benefits. CBD in particular functions as a modulator, can change how receptors on the ECS work, or can influence how enzymes and neurotransmitters interact, in quantities and for how long.

Undoubtedly the potency is another factor to consider when looking up a vegan CBD product, this will greatly impact your daily dosage and the effects desired. For this reason it is recommended to start with a small percentage of CBD oil and gradually as you see fit increase your dosage.

Now when choosing a vegan CBD form you can find quite a variety of them, and again, the best choice will depend on your health goal, and how easy the product adapts to your routine.

For instance edibles like CBD vegan chocolate and gummies, are one of the top choices for many individuals, it will take around 40 min to 2 hrs to have any effect, and is great to have around if you feel like having a sweet treat and just relax.

There are also energy bars mixed with vegan CBD protein powder and other healthy ingredients, giving you the nutrients needed to reach your health goals, while providing relief from pain from sore muscles after a workout.

You can also buy vegan CBD capsules if you find it more reliable for your daily supplement of CBD, easy to take with a smoothie before leaving to work.

In addition, there are also vegan CBD tinctures that are the fastest acting (less than 30 min). You can simply take it sublingually or add it to your desired beverage, in this case it will go through the digestive system, taking around 40 min to 2 hrs to have an effect.

If you wish to know more on how CBD interacts with your body, we leave a link here Cannabidiol in Humans—The Quest for Therapeutic Targets (nih.gov)  a good reference for CBD oil benefits.

Finally it is also good to consult your physician for further information regarding CBD and your health, this to help you have a more comprehensive decision on the form of CBD oil for your vegan diet and health condition.

Our Top 5 Vegan CBD Oil Canada

Ingredients, potency, company experience, and transparency were all factors for selecting our top 5 CBD vegan products, we have included top brands for vegan CBD chocolate, tinctures, capsules and CBD gummies made in Canada, all surely will provide broad benefits to your health and diet.

1 Birch + Fog | Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Day Time

We are a CBD company based in Canada, we are passionate about wellness in a more holistic approach, plant based goods, and being able to be a top choice for people who are looking to have a more natural alternative for their health.

In our range of goods, we feature vegan-friendly options that may be readily incorporated into people's lifestyles while still receiving the advantages of CBD.

Our full spectrum tincture designed for day time, will provide the benefits not only of CBD oil but other cannabinoids like THC in lower percentage, allowing you to experience the “entourage effect”.


  • CBD full spectrum
  • MCT oil
  • Available in different strengths: 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg.


  • People highly sensitive to THC should avoid high doses.


  • Part of a line of full spectrum CBD tinctures from Birch + Fog.
  • Birch + Fog also offers a wide range of vegan CBD edibles from Canada and top brands such as infused vegan CBD chocolate or easy to buy vegan CBD capsules, which can be purchased from our vegan category in our online store.


2 Now + Then | Nano THC Ginger Ale

Your favorite Canadian drink just got better! Infused with Nano THC, and vegan friendly. This ginger ale beverage by Now + Then is a delightful method to reduce pain, tension, and receive the well-known health advantages that THC has to offer.

This delicious beverage is a wonderful alternative when seeking for a quick acting product, as you may feel the effects in less than 7 minutes, and there are no clumps thanks to its uniform THC oil dispersion, so you get equal quantities on every sip.


  • Nano THC
  • Greater bioavailability
  • Fast action
  • Even dispersion


  • Contains just THC oil, thus it may not be suitable for people who are hypersensitive to this cannabinoid.


  • Vegan friendly, and delicious nano THC beverage.
  • You can choose from other flavor and Nano CBD oil types.


3 Opulence| Vegan Dark Chocolate Sativa Shatter Bar

A dark cannabis-infused chocolate bar made by Opulence, a top CBD Vancouver chocolate brand with the best CBD vegan chocolate options available.

This gourmet and vegan "shatter" chocolate is masterly crafted with ethically sourced chocolate and infused with full spectrum THC.  Indeed a wonderful option to add to your favorite hot beverage like coffee or plant based milk.


  • Full spectrum THC
  • Dark chocolate
  • Ethically sourced chocolate
  • GMO Free


  • Allergens: made at a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, and dairy products.


  • Available in two strengths : 250 mg and 500 mg THC.


4 Yummy Vegan Gummy| Sour CBD Gummies

This mouth watering vegan and Birch and Fog exclusive gummies, are splendid options for all the vegan community outhere wishing to experience CBD in a more sweater form.

Yummy Vegan Gummy is Canada based and all their products are vegan friendly, GMO free. gluten free, and with a wide variety of wonderful flavors to choose from.


  • CBD Isolate
  • THC free
  • Natural plant based colors
  • GMO free
  • Gluten free


  • Individuals in need of higher doses of CBD might find it not suitable for them.


  • This vegan cbd gummies Canada made, are exclusive to Birch and Fog and offer an amazing variety of flavors, all providing consistent dosage in 2 available strengths: 100 mg and 200 mg.


5 Natuur | Flavoured Full Spectrum

From an all organic line of tinctures, Natuur a Canadian based CBD company offers a wide selection of flavored and full spectrum CBD oil tinctures; mint, lemon ginger, chamomile and lavender chamomile.

This CBD tincture is vegan friendly and free of artificial flavors, making it a natural method to address health issues including pain, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms.


  • Full spectrum CBD
  • CO2 extraction
  • No artificial flavors
  • Variety of flavors


  • Individuals who find themselves highly sensitive to THC, might consider another type of CBD oil also in a tincture presentation.


  • This CBD oil tincture comes in four delicious flavors and two strengths: 500 mg and 1000 mg. It's easy to use sublingual for a faster effect ( less than 30 min).



Remember that while CBD strength may be high for others, it may be low for you; no two bodies are similar, so use our simple dosage calculator to figure out how much CBD you need.

If you also wish to know more about Veganism and the steps you can take to move forward and become part of this movement we recommend you to visit the Vegan Society, that's been around from quite some time and provides very valuable information on what vegan really is.

And finally, keep note of your health objectives, effects, and CBD usage to determine when it's time to switch up your CBD strength, type, or form, giving yourself the greatest opportunity to enhance your health while remaining vegan.

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