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Rick Simpson Oil - The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Sarah Lightfoot
July 25, 2023

Rick Simpson Oil: A Comprehensive Guide

Rick Simpson Oil Cancer

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) has become a popular alternative treatment among cancer patients. RSO is a concentrated cannabis extract typically made from indica strains high in THC. Supporters claim RSO contains over 90% THC along with other therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes. Anecdotal reports suggest RSO can help manage cancer symptoms and even shrink tumors. However, clinical research is still very limited and more studies are needed. A 2013 study did find RSO significantly decreased leukemic cell viability in a terminal AML patient without adverse effects. Proponents say RSO may benefit cancer patients by reducing pain, nausea, inflammation and insomnia while improving appetite. But concrete evidence verifying claims that RSO can cure cancer or shrink tumors is lacking. Cancer patients interested in trying RSO should discuss potential benefits and risks carefully with their oncology team first. While RSO shows promise for cancer, patients should involve their healthcare provider to determine if it may be helpful as a complementary therapy. Much more research is still needed to confirm efficacy and proper protocols.

Rick Simpson Oil Dosage

Determining proper Rick Simpson Oil dosage is very important. Taking too much RSO can cause unwanted side effects while too small of a dose may be ineffective. Most experts recommend starting with very small doses of about half the size of a grain of rice taken 3 times daily. This microdose allows the body to become accustomed to the oil slowly. Patients should gradually increase the dose every 4 days, taking it 3 times per day. Build up to eventually taking 1 gram per day over 3-5 weeks. Once consuming 1 gram daily, continue that dosage for the full 90-day protocol before reducing to a maintenance dose. It's crucial to carefully track your symptoms and adjust dosing accordingly based on your body's response. Precise RSO dosage requires using an oral syringe for measurements down to .01 gram. Careful, gradual dosing helps minimize side effects so RSO can be tolerated well. Finding one's ideal dose takes patience and diligence in tracking effects closely.

How To Make Rick Simpson Oil

Making your own Rick Simpson Oil can save money compared to buying it, but requires time and great care when handling the flammable solvents used. To make RSO at home, start with 1 pound of dried indica cannabis to produce approximately 3-4 grams of finished oil. Use food-grade solvents like 99% isopropyl alcohol or ethanol in an open, well-ventilated area away from any flames or sparks. Soak the plant matter completely in the solvent, then stir and strain through a filter to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. Slowly evaporate the solvent using a rice cooker on low heat in order to decarboxylate the oil properly. Performing a second wash and strain further improves extraction efficiency. Once all solvent has fully evaporated away, the thick, sticky RSO remains for transferring into dispensing syringes. Making high quality RSO at home involves precise steps - taking shortcuts risks producing contaminated oil with impurities or residual solvents. Follow proven recipes exactly for safety and best results.

Rick Simpson Oil For Sale

Finding reputable, high quality Rick Simpson Oil for sale can be challenging due to supply limitations in many areas. In locations where it remains unlicensed and prohibited, RSO is often unavailable through legal channels. However, as medical and recreational cannabis legalization spreads, regulated dispensaries are increasingly offering lab-tested RSO products. Reputable suppliers like Birch + Fog ensure the RSO they sell has been analyzed for purity, potency and potential contaminants. Unregulated online vendors may advertise RSO oils, but quality and safety standards are difficult to verify. Customers should always check company credentials, reviews and lab test results carefully before purchasing any type of RSO oil online. Research dispensaries thoroughly and confirm third-party lab analysis to avoid subpar products. Licensed providers dedicated to offering contaminant-free, high quality Rick Simpson Oil are the best option for patients seeking relief.

Buy Rick Simpson Oil Canada

With cannabis legalization expanding in Canada, options for purchasing quality Rick Simpson Oil are growing, but finding reputable sources still requires care. Licensed dispensaries operating legally within provincial frameworks often carry lab-tested RSO from reputable producers. Searching locally for “RSO near me” or “buy RSO Canada” can help find authorized shops able to sell it legally. Unregulated online Canadian stores may sell untested oils marketed as RSO. Customers should thoroughly research sellers, checking credentials, reviews and product analyses before purchasing. Dispensaries committed to providing contaminant-free, lab-tested RSO remain the best channel both locally and via online orders.

Rick Simpson Oil Alberta

In Alberta, regulations allow licensed retailers to sell Rick Simpson Oil to authorized medical and adult-use consumers. However, Albertan laws impose strict limits on THC potency in cannabis oils. This complicates access to authentic high-THC RSO. Retailers work within legal bounds to offer products similar to RSO for registered patients. Strict municipal rules also apply for cannabis retail locations. Checking reviews helps identify reputable Alberta shops with quality inventory that mirrors effective RSO, though legal limitations remain. Access challenges lead some patients to explore alternate avenues outside regulated channels.

Rick Simpson Oil British Columbia

British Columbia allows RSO sales through authorized private and government-run cannabis retailers. However, BC regulations impose THC caps on concentrates like RSO, limiting full-strength versions. Modified RSO-like products are sold conforming to legal potency levels. Municipal zoning impacts dispensary locations, varying access across BC. Patients should research trusted retailers’ inventory for legal, lab-tested alternatives close to effective RSO. Limitations on allowable strength complicate access to authentic Rick Simpson Oil in BC presently. Meanwhile illegal underground products remain accessible but come with quality concerns.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil Vs Cbd Oil

Both Rick Simpson Oil and CBD oil offer therapeutic benefits, but there are some key differences between these two cannabis extracts. The main distinction lies in their cannabinoid content. RSO is made from marijuana strains high in THC, containing over 90% THC along with some CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD oil, on the other hand, is extracted from hemp plants. This makes it very low in THC but exceptionally high in CBD content. Due to the high THC levels, RSO causes psychoactive effects sometimes called being “high”. CBD does not cause such psychotropic reactions. For managing certain symptoms like pain and insomnia, RSO may provide more relief. CBD offers clearer-headed benefits focused on reducing inflammation and anxiety. For some patients, using both RSO and CBD oil together may help achieve maximum benefits. However, combining the two requires caution and adjusting dosages carefully to avoid unwanted side effects.

Best Rick Simpson Oil

As Rick Simpson Oil increases in popularity, quality can vary greatly among brands and suppliers. When searching for the highest quality RSO, turning to reputable, licensed producers is key. The best Rick Simpson oil comes from companies that submit their products for third-party laboratory testing and make the results easily accessible. High quality RSO should be analyzed for any potential contaminants, residual solvents from extraction, and precise cannabinoid and terpene levels. Organic certification and growing standards are also important for avoiding pesticides and other chemicals. Reputable dispensaries share lab reports, so customers can verify the purity, potency and composition of RSO products being considered. Ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety should be the top priority when selecting which RSO to use for medical needs.

Rick Simpson Oil Benefits

While clinical research is still in early stages, thousands of people report significant benefits using Rick Simpson Oil for various conditions. In cancer patients, RSO may help reduce pain, stimulate appetite, control nausea and improve sleep based on ample anecdotal accounts. The oil is also said to help numerous degenerative illnesses like arthritis, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease and more due to its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Some patients additionally report RSO provides relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD and insomnia in certain cases. Controlled studies are severely lacking, but an overwhelming amount of anecdotal reports point to Rick Simpson Oil benefits across a wide range of symptoms and conditions. As research expands, RSO appears quite promising pending confirmation for therapeutic use across multiple categories.

Rick Simpson Oil Canada

In Canada, Rick Simpson Oil falls into a legal grey area due to the evolving cannabis laws. Medicinal use has been permitted for some time, while recreational regulations are still developing.

  • Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001 for approved conditions.
  • In October 2018, federal law legalized recreational cannabis possession and use for adults.
  • Each province has its own evolving rules on sale, potency limits, public use, growing at home, etc.
  • Transporting cannabis products across Canadian provincial borders remains illegal.

Despite legal access to medical and soon recreational cannabis, Canadians may still face challenges obtaining legal RSO due to variability in provincial regulations. However, public and political support continues growing for ensuring patient access. The legal landscape for Rick Simpson Oil in Canada is likely to keep expanding and improving access.

The Arrests of Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson became famous for developing his eponymous Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) as a cannabis-based treatment. However, his advocacy for medical marijuana also led to multiple arrests in Canada.

In 2005, Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided Simpson's property and arrested him for cannabis cultivation and possession. At the time, medical marijuana was legal but strictly limited in Canada.

Simpson was arrested again in 2008 and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. However, since he was only giving away his THC oil rather than selling it, his sentence was a $2,000 fine and time served in custody during questioning.

To avoid further legal troubles, Simpson ceased all cannabis growing and RSO production in 2009. He continued promoting the potential medicinal uses of Rick Simpson Oil for treating various conditions. However, he could no longer actively make and distribute it himself in Canada.

While pioneering in his cannabis advocacy, Rick Simpson's arrests illustrate the legal risks medical marijuana supporters have faced even in places with some acceptance. However, public attitudes have continued shifting, bringing expansions in legal access and protections.

If you have a little time, please visit the link above, and sign the petition to expunge Rick Simpson's Canadian criminal record.

Rick Simpson Oil Legal

The legality of possessing and using Rick Simpson Oil depends largely on where you are located. Under U.S. federal law, cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I illegal substance. However, 33 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana in some form. Among those, just 15 states plus D.C. allow recreational use by adults. Each state sets its own requirements, so legality of RSO can vary widely even where medical or recreational cannabis is permitted. Transporting any marijuana products including RSO oils across state lines remains federally illegal as well. Patients seeking access to Rick Simpson oil should research their specific city and state laws thoroughly to determine current legality and potential risks of obtaining RSO. Even in some progressive legal states, limitations exist such as potency caps and restrictions on allowable extraction methods that affect RSO manufacturing and distribution channels.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Legal

Whether Rick Simpson Oil is legal or not depends on where you live, as cannabis laws vary greatly by state and country. Under U.S. federal law, RSO remains illegal as a Schedule I controlled substance. However, 33 U.S. states plus D.C. have legalized medical marijuana in some form, with 15 states also allowing adult recreational use. Each state sets its own regulations, leading to a complex patchwork of laws. In Canada, federal law allows medical use and possession within limits, while recreational use is slated to become legal in October 2018. In the UK and many other countries, cannabis possession can still result in stiff penalties. Patients seeking access to RSO should research their local laws thoroughly. Where medical marijuana is allowed, RSO may be legal with a recommendation and medical card. However, restrictions often exist on allowable potency, extraction methods and qualifying conditions for medical use.

Rick Simpson Oil Skin Cancer

After using cannabis oil to purportedly cure his own basal cell carcinoma, Rick Simpson pioneered the extraction process for RSO to help other skin cancer patients. However, whether RSO can effectively treat skin cancer remains scientifically unproven. Simpson applied his THC-rich cannabis extract topically to skin lesions and claims they vanished. Some posit RSO may inhibit cancer cell reproduction, slow angiogenesis and reduce inflammation based on anecdotal patient reports. A few small studies on mice found THC and CBD extracts applied to skin cancer cells helped shrink tumors and inhibit growth. However, robust clinical data in humans is nonexistent. While some patients enthusiastically share RSO success stories for skin cancer, experts urge caution until more rigorous research confirms efficacy and safety. Lacking evidence, physicians remain reluctant to recommend substituting RSO treatment for proven modalities. More study is urgently needed regarding Rick Simpson oil for skin cancer.

Rick Simpson Oil Near Me

For patients wondering where can I buy Rick Simpson Oil near me, options will vary based on your city and state laws regarding cannabis. In any state where medical or recreational marijuana is prohibited, access to RSO through legal channels remains unlikely. Your best option is searching for “RSO near me” or “cannabis dispensaries near me” to locate state-licensed stores legally able to provide it in your area. Platforms like Weedmaps and Leafly list registered dispensaries carrying various cannabis products. However, quality and selection of RSO products in stock will differ by shop. Before purchasing, check dispensary reviews, credentials, lab test results and pricing options to identify the optimal source for your needs.

Where To Buy Rick Simpson Oil

Finding where to buy safe, high quality Rick Simpson Oil in Canada requires careful vetting as a medical cannabis patient. Licensed dispensaries operating legally within provincial frameworks are the best options for sourcing reputable RSO products. Provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec have regulatory systems enabling access through authorized dispensaries following proper protocols. Searching online for “RSO oil near me” or “buy RSO Canada” can help find properly licensed local dispensaries to visit or order from. Unregulated online Canadian stores may sell untested oils claimed to be RSO. Customers should thoroughly research sellers, checking credentials, reviews and product analyses before purchasing to confirm quality. Dispensaries committed to providing contaminant-free, lab-tested RSO remain the best channel both locally and via online orders in Canada. Of course if you prefer to buy online, we have a number of in-house name branded products right here.

Rick Simpson Oil Recipe

For patients interested in making their own Rick Simpson Oil at home, following an exact recipe precisely is absolutely vital to produce safe, effective medicine. Trying to take shortcuts or alter steps can easily generate contaminated oils with residual solvents or wasted potency. Typically recipes call for starting with 1 pound of dry indica cannabis bud and 2 gallons of food-grade solvent - either 99% isopropyl alcohol or ethanol work well. Soak the plant matter thoroughly in the solvent, then stir and strain through a filter to get the cannabinoid and terpene-rich oil liquid. Gently heat the liquid using a rice cooker at low temperature to slowly evaporate the solvent. Use caution when evaporating solvents to avoid open flames or sparks. Once totally evaporated, the remaining thick, sticky oil is RSO ready for storage and dosing. Carefully following every step as directed results in safe, high quality Rick Simpson Oil.

How To Use Rick Simpson Oil

For optimal results from RSO, using proper dosing and application methods is critical. Cancer patients using Rick Simpson Oil for treatment or symptom relief have a few options for how to use it:

  • Taken orally by placing oil under the tongue and holding it there to allow absorption into the bloodstream.
  • Ingested via edibles or capsules for longer lasting effects compared to sublingual use.
  • Applied topically as a skin cream, salve or oil to potentially treat local skin conditions.
  • Added in small amounts to cannabis flower for smoking/vaping delivery, when desired.

No matter the usage method, starting with the absolute lowest dose and gradually increasing every few days is vital to allow the body to adjust without adverse reactions. Consulting with a knowledgeable physician to develop a personalized protocol optimized to your needs and sensitivities is strongly advised.

Rick Simpson Oil Cbd

Both Rick Simpson Oil and CBD oil originate from the cannabis plant and offer overlapping benefits that make them often work well together. However, nuances exist in how they interact.

  • RSO’s high concentrations of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids provide therapeutic effects from both direct and entourage action on receptors.
  • CBD also helps modulate and temper some of the strongly intoxicating effects from RSO’s THC levels.
  • Starting with microdoses of both allows the body to adjust safely and optimize ratios for each patient.
  • Those using RSO and CBD oil together should monitor effects closely to avoid compounding side effects.

While highly complementary in many cases, combining RSO and CBD still requires care and controlled dosing adjustments to determine optimal synergistic ratios tailored to the individual.

Rick Simpson Oil Capsules

For some patients, encapsulating Rick Simpson Oil offers a more convenient, pleasant dosing method compared to ingesting the raw concentrated oil sublingually.

  • Filling capsules with precise amounts of RSO allows easy swallowing without taste.
  • Because capsules must dissolve in the digestive tract first, effects manifest slower than direct administration.
  • Patients should still start with very low RSO capsule doses and gradually increase every few days as tolerated.
  • Capsules can be purchased pre-filled from some providers, or filled using tools like oral syringes for homemade encapsulating.

RSO capsules provide an alternative, taste-free dosing option, but the delayed onset of effects from digestion warrants an even slower, cautious titration method. Consultation with an experienced medical professional to develop a supervised dosing protocol is highly recommended.

Rick Simpson today

“For the past few years Rick has been out of the public eye, and most communication with the cannabis community has been on hold,” Danijela Simpson said in an email to High Times this week. “Rick and I have now decided to let people know that in May 2018, Rick had a stroke and has since been recovering.”

In 2013, Simpson moved to Europe with his wife. They now reside in Zagreb, Croatia. According to his website, Simpson is available for interviews and speaking events.

Rick Simpson Oil

A Time of Need

Best known for developing a cannabis oil bearing his name that some say can effectively treat cancer, Rick Simpson is recovering after suffering a stroke over two years ago - a health crisis his wife revealed this month. “For the past few years Rick has been out of the public eye, with communication limited,” Danijela Simpson said in an email to High Times. “Rick and I have now, due to changed circumstances, decided to let people know he had a stroke in May 2018 and has been recovering since.”

The Simpson family started a GoFundMe campaign to assist with medical costs. So far it has raised over $84,000, with a goal of $160,000. To support Rick's story, you can donate and share his YouTube video. “It's been very tough for both Rick and me in many ways, so we organized this campaign to help cover expenses from the last two and a half years and upcoming ones,” Danijela Simpson said.

WebMD also recounted how Rick Simpson discovered the medical potential of cannabis. "After a bad fall, he found marijuana reduced his dizziness and symptoms," they noted. "Later, when he developed skin cancers on his arm, Simpson used cannabis oil as treatment. Reports say they went away." Per Rick in his GoFundMe video, "RSO is not a branded product. I simply explain how to make it on my site and book, but don't sell it for profit, never have." That said, our store's version follows his exact documented process for full-spectrum, high-THC indica. We call it RSO, though not officially endorsed. In another article we detail the RSO production process. The only change is we use CO2 extraction, not solvents, so no chance of residuals. It's cleaner and cheaper at scale, with savings passed to clients.

In 2016, Rick and Danijela Simpson started "Simpson RamaDur LLC," a publishing firm they said was "to provide information on cannabis' healing powers." Rick has authored two books for sale on his site. On their site, Rick Simpson detailed his life's mission: "Since 2001 I've raised awareness about cannabis' healing abilities after treating myself. I don't seek credit for cures. My only aim is showing people how to heal themselves."

The Bottom Line

While research is ongoing, current evidence and anecdotal reports suggest Rick Simpson Oil may provide therapeutic benefits for some patients. Cancer, chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and more may potentially improve with careful RSO use. However, each individual requires meticulous, gradual dosing modifications to minimize side effects and optimize effectiveness. Consulting a knowledgeable physician for guidance is imperative. When utilizing any cannabis-based therapy, sourcing high quality products from reputable providers is equally important for safety. RSO remains unregulated in many areas, underscoring the need for confirming third-party testing and integrity of ingredients before use. Integrating RSO under medical supervision provides the best opportunity for successful outcomes.

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